The Ultimate Graveyard Block – Sample Decklists, Part Two


One thing I am known for in my playgroup is the ability to create interesting formats for strange tournaments, and it’s been a long time since I’ve done so. The last interesting format we did was The Gold Standard, quite some time ago, and so I thought it was high time we did another cool tourney again.

This time, our format is going to be called The Ultimate Graveyard Block. And what a format it will be! I took a quick look at the format here, and now it’s time to present to you the other decklists that I came up with for the format, but didn’t proxy and test. These are quite interesting lists, I felt, so it’s time to reveal them.

Let’s take a look!

As I went over in part one here, this format was wildly diverse, and people could basically play any kind of deck they wanted, from control to combo to aggro. In part one, I went over the decks that Darby and I had put together for testing; there were, however, far more decklists that I brainstormed that I thought were worth mentioning.

Let’s take a look at these more esoteric decks!

I’ll be honest, me and Darby proxied up and tested all of the interesting aggro decks (so those are in part one). We did also look at Humans aggro, but it felt subpar compared to the other aggro choices.


Jund Midrange - Shadows Over Innistrad/Hour of Devastation/Dark Ascension:

The Scorpion God
Huntmaster of the Fells
Tireless Tracker
Samut, the Tested
Seasons Past
Razaketh’s Rite
Bontu’s Last Reckoning
Hour of Devastation
Lightning Axe
Burn from Within
Tormenting Voice
25 land

The first of two tri-color decks that I toyed with, Jund colored midrange decks have been a staple of Magic for a long, long time, so I wanted to try one in this format. The combination of value creatures, scads of removal, and some card drawing should make this a tough deck for any creature deck to beat.

I particularly like the deck’s endgame; it can cast Razaketh’s Rite to find Seasons Past, which recurs the Rite, which can find a second Seasons Past. From there, you can loop through your graveyard and recur everything. This is a very strong endgame plan, and should be hard to beat.

This was not the only three-color deck I built, however…

Nicol Bolas Control - Shadows Over Innistrad/Hour of Devastation/Eventide:

Scarab God
Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh
Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
Hour of Devastation
Bontu’s Last Reckoning
Lightning Axe
Consign // Oblivioin
Strategic Planning
Torment of Hailfire
Hour of Glory
25 land

This was one of several attempts to build a Nicol Bolas control deck. As with the Jund deck, this should be simple and effective; kill all opposing creatures, and win with one of your powerful planeswalkers or The Scarab God.

Initially for these two decks, I’d thought the mana would be really bad, but it was not. Between the Shadows Over Innistrad duals (ie. Game Trail) and into-play tapped duals (ie. Stone Quarry), and Eventide’s filter lands (ie. Cascade Bluffs), a three-color manabase was actually quite doable in this format.

From these two control decks, I moved on to wacky combo decks. And did I ever have some wacky ones in mind!


Burning Wake - Shadows Over Innistrad/Judgment/Hour of Devastation:

Ulvenwald Hydra
Crush of Wurms
Burning Wish
Mirari’s Wake
Hour of Devastation
Descend Upon the Sinful
Declaration in Stone
Puncturing Light
Beneath the Sands
Weirding Wood
Nahiri, Harbinger of Stone
Game Trail
Fortified Village
Krosan Verge
Stone Quarry

Burning Wish SB:

Burn from Within
Crush of Wurms
Firecat Blitz
Hour of Promise
Hour of Devastation
Hour of Revelation
Struggle // Survive
Seasons Past
Oketra’s Last Mercy
Root Out
other cards

Burning Wake is a deck near and dear to my heart, and one that I’d actually qualified for Canadian Nationals with waaaaaay back in the day. The idea is to play a super greedy manabase, ramp up to Mirari’s Wake as early as possible, then start casting giant win conditions like Crush of Wurms.

As a sentimental favorite, I was quite tempted to run this deck, as I always had a soft spot for the original. I particularly liked the versatility that a Wish board would give you, since Burning Wish could fetch anything from a Wrath effect, to a Disenchant, to lifegain, to a big spell to kill the opponent with, and everything in between.

This was not, however, the wackiest combo deck I came up with…

Doomsday Combo - Innistrad/Weatherlight/Hour of Devastation:

Laboratory Maniac
The Scarab God
Think Twice
Forbidden Alchemy
Bontu’s Last Reckoning
Dead Weight
Mana Chains
Consign // Oblivion
Supreme Will
Paradigm Shift
23 land

Of all the decks I’d built and brainstormed, this was easily one of the wackiest. The idea was to use Doomsday to stack four Laboratory Maniacs and a copy of The Scarab God on top of your deck, then win the game when you can’t draw any more cards. Add in lots of ways to stall and kill creatures, and lots of card drawing to draw the combo, and we had ourselves a sweet brew.

Ultimately, I felt that there would be too many creature-kill spells running around to risk this; I did think it was sweet, though.

The last combo deck that I’ll mention was a sweet one: I’d brainstormed a list for Battle of Wits, but we really didn’t want to get into proxying it, we’d have been there all day (and for that reason, I’m not typing up the list, heh). It was a sweet combo-control deck, however.

So there you have it, that’s a quick look at the other decks I was looking at for The Ultimate Graveyard Block!

We’ll find out this Sunday just what will end up coming out on top, and who will become our Graveyard champion! Stay tuned!


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