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Later today, we’ll be getting spoilers for the September big set, Guilds of Ravnica! Since Ravnica is by far one of Magic’s most popular settings, it was a no-brainer that we’d be going back there eventually, and I for one am definitely looking forward to seeing what Wizards has in store for their third attempt.

Let’s do a quick look at what will be in this set!

It has been a pretty good year for EDH, and casual Magic as a whole. From Dominaria to Battlebond to Core Set 2019, we’ve had a whole slew of awesome sets giving us new cards for our favorite casual format. And from the early looks we’ve had at it so far, Guilds of Ravnica will be no different! Let’s take a look.

The major cards that everyone associates with the two Ravnica blocks are the ten shocklands, so it was a great thing to see them reprinted once more here. Shocklands are great in EDH (and every format, really), giving you an untapped dual land when you need it, and being fetchable off of cards that search for various basic land types.

Since they’re in their third reprinting, this will drive the price down even further, always a good thing for rare lands to keep them budget-friendly. A great set of reprints.

With the release of more Selesnya cards, we are pretty much always guaranteed to get some great token-swarm cards for those players who love making token creatures en masse. Thus far, Wizards has certainly delivered, with cards that are great at making more threats to swarm your opponents with, and I look forward to adding these in to my token-based decks, like Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa/Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist, where they will be excellent.

With three of the five Guilds of Ravnica guilds having graveyard-based keywords, I knew that we’d be getting a lot of synergy with the graveyard this time around. And I was not wrong; of the cards previewed thus far, they all look to be excellent for any of the graveyard-based generals (ie. The Mimeoplasm, Sidisi, Brood Tyrant, etc).

From the ‘jump-start’ keyword giving us spells that we can flash back, to the ‘surveil’ keyword giving us ways to fill the graveyard, to the Golgari cards getting better with each card in the graveyard, there are going to be a lot of ways to pump up any graveyard general after this set, which is pretty sweet.

Basically, if you have a graveyard-based general, you’ll love this set.

I have always had a love for cards that give me options, and these new split cards look like they will give a ton of options every time you cast them, which is great. We’ve only had three previewed thus far, but this is enough to show that there will be a cycle of uncommons and a cycle of rare split cards, and they are all quite playable in our favorite 100-card format.

Incidentally, Find // Finality is thus far my favorite card spoiled for EDH. So much value on either mode! Get back two dead dudes or make a guy bigger, then Wrath? Where do I sign up to run this in Atraxa now?

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the rest of this cycle shapes up, they should be excellent.

We began our quick look at RTRTR today with a set of reprints, and it’s only fitting that we end today with a great reprint. Chromatic Lantern has been far more pricey than it should be for a long time now (since RTR rotated out), and so to see this reprint is very welcome. For a simple five-color mana rock, this card’s price tag was insane. I look forward to this becoming a much more affordable card for EDH players to pick up after Guilds of Ravnica.

So that’s a quick look at everything that was spoiled yesterday! Even though the first day of spoilers only gave us a glimpse into the new set, I have to say that what we’ve seen thus far is quite good, and I for one am really looking forward to Ravnica 3. Here’s hoping the rest of the set is as useful to us EDH players.


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