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So, this weekend the WotC coverage team at PT: Gatecrash stunned the Magic world with the announcement of a new From the Vaults set, FTV: Twenty, celebrating twenty years of Magic in one box set full of foils. This is a pretty cool idea (and I honestly was wondering what they’d be doing to celebrate 20 years of MtG, so this is a good idea on their parts), and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in the set.


Hence, much like I did for Commander’s Arsenal, I figured I’d make some bold predictions. Here we go!


With this FTV set, we know a few things already that were revealed at PT: Gatecrash.


Known facts:
-This product is packed with 20 cards instead of the traditional 15 cards from previous From the Vaults;
-The product is also going to feature a card from a winning deck from each year of Magic existence. Some of these cards will be in foil for the first time ever.


When the coverage team were talking about this, they mentioned that this would likely mean that it would include a card from the very first winning deck ever, Zak Dolan’s deck:


Zak Dolan - 1st place, first World championships:

Library of Alexandria
Strip Mine
Tropical Island
Birds of Paradise
Ley Druid
Old Man of the Sea
Serra Angel
Time Elemental
Vesuvan Doppelganger
Ancestral Recall
Black Lotus
Black Vise
Control Magic
Howling Mine
Icy Manipulator
Ivory Tower
Mana Drain
Mana Vault
Mox Emerald
Mox Jet
Mox Pearl
Mox Ruby
Mox Sapphire
Siren’s Call
Sol Ring
Swords to Plowshares
Time Walk
Winter Orb
Wrath of God


And while his deck was… eccentric, to say the least, his sideboard continues that trend:



Chaos Orb
Circle of Protection: Red
Copy Artifact
Diamond Valley
Floral Spuzzem
In the Eye of Chaos
Magical Hack
Power Sink
Presence of the Master
Reverse Damage
Sleight of Mind
Winter Blast


Zak Dolan’s deck is very random (I’ve always loved the very odd inclusions of Floral Spuzzem, singleton Birds of Paradise and Clone, In the Eye of Chaos, etc). There are a lot of odd cards here, and for the most part, none of them seem like they’d be very good as a reprint in a high-profile set like a FTV.


…Except for one card: Mana Drain.


Given the one piece of art they’ve shown (an old woman with blue energy coming from her hands to her head) I’m willing to believe that the this reprint is Mana Drain with that alternate art, giving EDH and Cube players an opportunity to grab an alternate-art one in foil.


Mana Drain would be a huge reprint. It is not banned in EDH, meaning any blue deck can run it; and of course, it is a fantastic counterspell/mana accelerant, so it’d be a fantastic addition to a blue EDH deck. (If I still owned some, I know I’d have them in my blue EDH decks, that’s for sure). Mana Drain is a super-strong Cube card as well, so I definitely could see it as the high-profile card from this FTV set.


This would be an exciting reprint for Magic’s 20th anniversary, and players would jump all over this set for a chance to get one. Thus, Mana Drain is my first prediction.


From here, the clues indicate that there will be one card from each World Championship-winning deck. You can view these decks here:


Here is a quick rundown of the cards I consider iconic from the winning World Championship decks, by year:


1994 – Zak Dolan’s Angel Stasis deck: Howling Mine, Icy Manipulator, Mana Drain, Birds of Paradise, Armageddon, Disenchant, Serra Angel, Swords to Plowshares, Wrath of God, Stasis, Clone, Control Magic, Black Vise


My pick: Mana Drain
See my reasoning above.


1995 – Alexander Blumke’s Rack control: Dark Ritual, Hymn to Tourach, Hypnotic Specter, Sengir Vampire, Balance, Disenchant, Swords to Plowshares, Icy Manipulator, Royal Assassin, The Rack


My pick: Hymn to Tourach
It’s fantastic in Legacy and Cube, two super-popular formats, and has never before been printed in foil. Legacy and Cube players love foils, and a foil of Hymn would be hugely popular. As with most of my picks here, I think that its desirability what will drive this card’s inclusion in this FTV set.


1996 – Tom Chanpheng’s White Weenie deck: Armageddon, Balance, Disenchant, Serra Angel, Swords to Plowshares, White Knight, Black Vise


My pick: Serra Angel
This pick is for pure nostalgia reasons. For years, Serra Angel was one of the faces of Magic; she was an iconic card that everyone recognized, and loved the art for. Thus, though she has been since outclassed over the years, I can see her being the pick from this deck, just for pure nostalgia.


1997 – Jakub Slemr’s 5-color Black deck: Man-o’-War, Earthquake, Disenchant, Incinerate, Black Knight, Pyroblast, City of Brass


My pick: Man-o’-War
The Jellyfish is an interesting pick here, with so many other good cards in the deck. It is a great Cube card, and one that I’ve always liked. It has been printed in foil before (as an FNM foil), so Cube players do have one to choose from; not one in the modern frame, however. For its playability in Cube, the Jellyfish is my pick.


1998 – Brian Selden’s Recurring Survival deck: Birds of Paradise, Survival of the Fittest, City of Brass, Pyroblast, Recurring Nightmare, Tradewind Rider


My pick: Recurring Nightmare
Ordinarily, Survival of the Fittest would have been my pick here, just due to how good it is in Cube and EDH. However, it’s already been reprinted once as a judge foil with alternate art, so I’m pretty sure the pick here will actually be Recurring Nightmare. Much like Survival, this is a card that is great in Cube (and has never been foiled before). It’s not legal in EDH, but I think that its casual appeal, plus its desirability for Cube, makes this a lock here.


1999 – Kai Budde’s Wildfire deck: City of Traitors, Cursed Scroll, Earthquake, Masticore, Voltaic Key, Wildfire


My pick: Cursed Scroll
Another card that is fantastic in Cube and has never been printed before in foil, Cursed Scroll is a fantastic de facto red card, and I think it is the easy pick here. City of Traitors is close (it has seen off-and-on play in Legacy), but Cursed Scroll is better overall for Cube, so it’s my pick.


2000 – Jon Finkel’s Tinker deck: Metalworker, Grim Monolith, Brainstorm, Tinker, Voltaic Key, Masticore, Tangle Wire


My pick: Grim Monolith
A fringe Legacy card, I picked Monolith here over Metalworker and Tinker just because it does occasionally see play in Cube and EDH. Tinker and Masticore, two other key cards in Finkel’s deck, have already had FTV printings. Tangle Wire was my other thought, but I’m going with Monolith.


2001 – Tom van de Logt’s Machinehead deck: Rishadan Port, Flametongue Kavu, Duress, Dark Ritual, Terminate, Phyrexian Arena


My pick: Rishadan Port
There is already a foil version of Port available (from its original printing in Mercadian Masques), however, like most Masques foils, it is not widely available and goes for large sums of money. Port was the defining card from Masques block, and has seen play in Legacy Goblins and Cube, so it would be very popular.


2002 – Carlos Romão’s Psychatog deck: Psychatog, Counterspell, Fact or Fiction, Duress, Upheaval, Deep Analysis


My pick: Fact or Fiction
Arguably the most powerful card (certainly the most played card) from Invasion block, this unassuming uncommon powered the most powerful blue decks of the day. Thus, I give it my vote over Psychatog, who was Odyssey block’s defining creature.


2003 – Daniel Zink’s Wake control deck: Mirari’s Wake, Mirari, Wrath of God, Decree of Justice, Exalted Angel, Deep Analysis, Cunning Wish


My pick: Mirari
If Commander’s Arsenal hadn’t just had Mirari’s Wake, that would be my pick for this slot. As is, Mirari was the focus of the Odyssey/Onslaught storyline, and has always been a reasonably popular casual card, so it is my pick here.


2004 – Julien Nuijten’s G/W Astral Slide: Astral Slide, Akroma’s Vengeance, Eternal Witness, Wrath of God, Decree of Justice, Rampant Growth


My pick: Akroma’s Vengeance
A powerful sweeper in EDH (and one I’ve also seen in Cube), Vengeance does everything you want it to do. It’s either a potent Wrath variant, or you can cycle it to draw something else. A great card for EDH, so I think a version with alternate art would be perfect for this set.


2005 – Katsuhiro Mori’s Ghazi-Glare deck: Loxodon Hierarch, Birds of Paradise, Llanowar Elves, Umezawa’s Jitte, Wrath of God, Naturalize


My pick: Umezawa’s Jitte
An excellent Cube and Legacy card, there are several versions of Jitte already in foil (including a Grand Prix foil with alternate art). However, Jitte was a defining card of Kamigawa block, so I feel that WotC will want to include it just because of that. That this is also a key Cube and Legacy card makes this a great pick as well.


(I really wanted to have Loxodon Hierarch as my pick here, since I played that guy a lot back in Ravnica block, but I’m pretty sure Jitte is the right pick).


2006 – Makihito Mihara’s Dragonstorm deck: Dragonstorm, Bogardan Hellkite, Lotus Bloom, Remand, Pyroclasm


My pick: Remand
Remand has already been done in alternate-art foil (as an FNM foil), but I don’t really like any of the other choices here. It could be Lotus Bloom (since it has seen play in Modern), but I feel that Remand was one of the iconic cards of the original Ravnica block (it was played in everything back then!), so it gets the nod here.


2007 – Uri Peleg’s Doran deck: Doran, the Siege Tower, Tarmogoyf, Birds of Paradise, Hypnotic Specter, Llanowar Elves, Thoughtseize


My pick: Doran, the Siege Tower
This was a tough pick, and I had odd reasoning behind it. I feel that WotC will want to put at least one legendary creature in this FTV (to draw in the EDH crowd); Doran fits that criteria. However, there are two very classic creatures in Uri’s deck — Birds of Paradise (who would look pretty slick in modern border with Alpha art) and Hypnotic Specter. Both have been a big part of MtG’s history, so I could see either one in this slot. I am sticking with the big tree, though, as my pick.


2008 – Antti Malin’s U/B Faeries deck: Bitterblossom, Cryptic Command, Vendilion Clique, Mutavault, Sower of Temptation


My pick: Bitterblossom
Simple enough reasoning here: I expect all of the other cards to be reprinted in Modern Masters. Bitterblossom was one of the defining cards of Lorwyn block, and is good in Cube and EDH, so I expect it to be in here.


2009 – André Coimbra’s Naya Lightsaber deck: Baneslayer Angel, Bloodbraid Elf, Lightning Bolt, Noble Hierarch


My pick: Lightning Bolt
Baneslayer Angel was, for all intents and purposes, the face of Magic 2010. So why pick Bolt over her? Bolt is the most classic of all burn spells, and is the gold standard against which every burn spell printed is measured. Hence, the red player in me had to go with it.


2010 – Guillaume Matignon’s U/B Control deck: Duress, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Grave Titan


My pick: Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Because really, could there be any other pick here? Foil Jaces from Worldwake currently sell for a metric ton of money, so this is the easiest way for them to sell this FTV set. Jace is instantly recognizable to any player who’s been playing for the last few years, is a Legacy and Cube staple, and is the most popular planeswalker they’ve printed. He’s Jace; what more reason do you need?


2011 – Jun’ya Iyanaga’s Wolf Run Ramp: Rampant Growth, Birds of Paradise, Primeval Titan, Inferno Titan, Solemn Simulacrum


My pick: Solemn Simulacrum
A simple enough pick here, since Solemn Simulacrum is fantastic in EDH, and Primeval Titan is, well, very banned. Again, I considered picking Birds, but I think they would want something geared for EDH, so the sad robot it is.


2012 – Yuuya Watanabe’s Jund deck: Bloodbraid Elf, Dark Confidant, Lightning Bolt, Terminate


My pick: Bloodbraid Elf
Though banned in Modern, Bloodbraid has seen enough play lately in Legacy that I think this will be the pick here. A defining card of Shards block, this Elf was dominant enough not only to win the Magic Players Championship, but also to be banned in Modern. For that, I feel Bloodbraid Elf is a lock.


To recap, here are my picks:


1. Mana Drain
2. Hymn to Tourach
3. Serra Angel
4. Man-o’-War
5. Recurring Nightmare
6. Cursed Scroll
7. Grim Monolith
8. Rishadan Port
9. Fact or Fiction
10. Mirari
11. Akroma’s Vengeance
12. Umezawa’s Jitte
13. Remand
14. Doran, the Siege Tower
15. Bitterblossom
16. Lightning Bolt
17. Jace, the Mind Sculptor
18. Solemn Simulacrum
19. Bloodbraid Elf


Now, there have been only 19 World Championships, so what will be the 20th card? I’m going out on another limb here with this pick:


20. Force of Will


The 20th anniversary of Magic is the perfect time to reprint this classic counterspell in foil with the modern border; it is a card that Legacy and Cube players have wanted in foil for basically forever, so I feel now is definitely the right time for it. Force has never won a Worlds event, but it certainly has been featured in many winning lists over the years, so I think that would fit the criteria enough for me.


Conclusion: So there you have it, those are my 20 predictions for this FTV. In August, when this is released, I’ll be taking a quick look back at my predictions, to see what I got right and wrong. Thanks for reading!

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