Mark’s Wishlist for MtG


For today, I thought I’d do something different. Today’s article will be my wishlist for Magic, ie. cards that I’d like to see WotC print at some point in the future.


So what type of cards would Mark like to see? Well, read on to find out…


There are a number of different cards that I’d love to see in print, that would help various EDH decks I have tremendously. Some of these are just continuations of various cycles, and some are cards I just wish they’d do.


Without any further ado, this is my wishlist for what I’d like to see printed in Magic:


1. A subset of purple “timeshifted” cards in Magic 2014: The timeshifted cards were a fantastic idea back in Time Spiral, bringing together a subset of playable and fun cards from across Magic’s history. Putting a timeshifted card as an extra card in a pack made it even more fun to open packs, since it was like getting an extra rare, which was awesome.


With Magic 2014 being the base set that launches Magic’s 20th anniversary (and don’t ask how many of those 20 years I’ve been playing for, yeeesh), this would be the perfect set to bring back a timeshifted subset of cards. They could reprint all sorts of fun cards as they did with the first timeshifted set, and if they could find another card to reprint that would stun everyone (ie. Psionic Blast‘s reprinting from the original Time Spiral stunned everyone, since it was so far off what blue could do as a color) then that would be even better.


Plus, what better way to celebrate Magic’s 20th anniversary than by opening extra rares in packs?


2. A new set of full-art lands in Magic 2014: This would also be a great way to add value to cracking packs of Magic 2014. Full-art lands have always been popular (and as the years go on, are getting more and more scarce and valuble). Unglued had them, Unhinged had them, Zendikar had them… and then no more. A great way to celebrate Magic’s 20th anniversary would be by including full-art land in packs of M14 (and preferably, have them illustrated by John Avon, since all good land art is his).


3. Four-color generals: This, I think, is only a matter of time. WotC is aware that the only color combination that does not have generals is the five 4-color combinations, and so I would expect to see something in Dragon’s Maze to fix this.


There have already been hints at a cycle of 4-color legendary Nephilim coming in Dragon’s Maze, so like I said, it’s only a matter of time.


The only issue with 4-color generals that I would have… how on earth would you build the manabase for a 4-color EDH deck?!


4. A Werewolf general: WotC dropped the ball on this one. They are very aware of EDH’s popularity, and they’ve said that the popularity of the double-faced cards from Innistrad had succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. So why would they not give the Werewolf tribe a general? They had even created a Werewolf leader for the backstory for Innistrad, so it’s not like there wasn’t one they could use.


After major backlash about the lack of a general for the tribe, Maro had gone on record as saying that they just forgot to give him a card in Innistrad block.


This lack of a Werewolf leader is something that I do expect WotC to fix at some point. As with the 4-color generals, I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time. I would expect the Werewolf general to show up in a themed Archenemy or Planechase product (think Maelstrom Wanderer in the cascade deck from Planechase II, or Vela the Night-Clad in the Ninja deck). It’s coming, we just have to wait for it.


5. A third Un- set: Though they were only legal at the kitchen table, Unglued and Unhinged are some of my favorite cards. They were wacky, zany and fun (and some are even good in Cube, like Blast from the Past and Who // What // Where // When // Why). The Unhinged prerelease was the most fun prerelease I’ve ever been to, where hilarious things were happening at every turn. I made top 4 on the back of multiple creatures with ‘protection from wordy,’ I witnessed multiple people playing subgames under the table, and my favorite prerelease story ever comes from that prerelease.


The story: One guy had played a Booster Tutor and bought himself a pack of Torment to look through. The next card he cast was Ass Whuppin’… which he copied with the Radiate he’d grabbed from the pack of Torment! Suddenly, rather than reading “Destroy target silver-bordered permanent in any game you can see from your seat,” Ass Whuppin’ now read, “Destroy all silver-bordered permanents in any game you can see from your seat.” He was in the middle of the room, so he could see an awful lot of cards. Chaos and destruction ensued.


My girlfriend’s favorite card, My First Tome, is from Unhinged, so it should be no surprise that she’s rooting for a third Un- set too.


Maro’s remaining two psychographic profiles, Vorthos and Spike, have yet to see print in a silver-bordered set. Timmy, Power Gamer and Johnny, Combo Player have already been printed, now they need to complete the set!


Ridiculousness like the game above can only be found with Un- sets. Maro has hinted for years that he’s had the third Un- set ready to go for a while now; my wish is that they’d finally print it. Call it Unzipped, or Undone, or whatever, but give me more silver-bordered cards!


6. Finish the cycle of Lairs from Planeshift: This, I admit, is reaching a bit. I would love to see the enemy wedge versions of the Lair lands from Planeshift (ie. Treva’s Ruins), just for my enemy wedge decks.


WotC has said that there will be more Commander-themed products coming, after the wild success of the last ones. If they do enemy wedge decks again, I would love to see the enemy Lairs alongside the enemy Dragon legends (ie. Vorosh, the Hunter, alongside a B/U/G Lair named for him).


Like I said, them finishing this cycle of lands is not likely. But it is on my wishlist, because my enemy wedge decks would love to see it happen.


7. Finish the cycle of Shards-block tri-lands: I loved the uncommon tri-lands from Shards block (ie. Savage Lands, Arcane Sanctum, etc) and, as with the Lairs, I’d love to see them finish the cycle with five enemy wedge versions.


Initially, this was something I figured they’d do for the original Commander product, but they printed Command Tower instead. If there’s a sequel to the Commander decks, here’s hoping they can finish the cycle there.


8. Print a legendary Beast: This is something that’s been missing from Magic for a long time (and no, Uril, the Miststalker doesn’t count, since he’s his own theme). Beasts are one of the most prolific tribes in Magic, spanning all five colors (but mostly in R/G). They even have their own themed land, Contested Cliffs, and were a major part of Onslaught block.


A friend of mine, Joel, has been running a R/G Beast deck in EDH since he started playing the format, and his only lament about the deck is that he has to run Radha, Heir to Keld as his general, since there are no legendary R/G Beasts. Throw this man a bone, WotC! Print him a legendary Beast!


(I think it worth noting that Gruul Ragebeast would have fit this bill perfectly, if it was a legend. It’s big, has a cool ability, is a Beast, and does what all Beasts love to do — fight! A missed opportunity there, I think.)


9. Print a R/W legendary Samurai: This has been on my wishlist for a while now. Back in Kamigawa block, one of the tribes they pushed very heavily was the Samurai tribe, who were in red and white colors. There were a lot of legendary Samurai, so building an EDH deck out of them is not that hard… sadly, they are all mono-colored, meaning to build a deck including all the good Samurai from each color, you have to use a non-Samurai general.


I have seen EDH Samurai decks built around Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran, since he’s the closest to a Samurai that R/W has. Agrus Kos, of all things! That guy’s awful.


If WotC was to print another Planechase or Archenemy with themed decks, I’d love to see a R/W Samurai deck, with a R/W Samurai legend at the helm. The Ninja deck from Planechase II was popular for its reintroduction to Ninjas… A Samurai deck would do the same for the Samurai tribe.


10. Print an American general that doesn’t suck: Of all the enemy wedge color combinations, R/W/U really got the short end of the stick when it comes to playable generals. There are only three, and all are various shades of awful.


Numot, the Devastator destroys lands, which I would never do in multiplayer. Thus, if I was to use him, his text box would be 6/6 flying, and the rest is blank. Ruhan of the Fomori is funny, yes, but not very good. Zedruu the Greathearted is the most popular general from this color combination, and I’ve seen a lot of Zedruu decks built around Donateing bad cards to your opponent. If and when I finally sit down to build a R/W/U deck, he will likely be the general, since he is the funniest of the three.


My only wish here, is to see more generals in the American color scheme, and better ones at that. B/U/G got The Mimeoplasm, R/U/G got the awesome Maelstrom Wanderer, W/B/R has the powerful cheating aid, Kaalia of the Vast, and W/B/G has more fun choices for generals than it can count. How are the R/W/U generals so bad?


Simple wish: I want playable R/W/U generals. A few different ones to choose from would be nice. I could see this happening with the next batch of Commander decks, but would like them asap, so I can finally build a R/W/U deck that I like for The EDH Project. Help me out here, Wizards!


11. The return of Slivers: This one’s a no-brainer. For the 20th anniversary of Magic, Wizards should print a new batch of Slivers (and, dare I say it, even a new 5-color Sliver King to go with Sliver Queen?)


Slivers are among the most popular tribes of all time in Magic. Their ‘Voltron’ ability (where each Sliver combines with the next to make the group stronger) is very fun and strong, and I’ve seen Sliver decks played at casual tables for years because of it.


The Sliver tribe was executed very well in Time Spiral block, with each Sliver printed there being a version of a classic Magic card (ie. Gemhide Sliver was Birds of Paradise, Sedge Sliver was a riff on Sedge Troll, etc). They could either use this approach with Slivers again in Magic 2014, or just create a Sliver for each new keyword they’ve come up with since. I would hesitate to print one with “all Slivers are indestructible,” though.


Slivers are a fan favorite tribe, so they definitely should return. Put them in Magic 2014, and watch casual players scramble to open the set.


12. Classic cards return in Magic 2014: Apart from the timeshifted subset that I’d love to see, I think there should be a return of some classic cards from Magic’s past in this year’s base set. 8th Edition did this right the last time they celebrated an anniversary; a card from every expansion was in that set, which was awesome. They should do that again.


For red, I’d like to see Lightning Bolt return for a year, Ball Lightning, Goblin Guide, the iconic Shivan Dragon, and Grim Lavamancer. These are all classic red burn cards, and do a great job showcasing what red does. (If Shivan Dragon could even have the original art, that’d be fantastic). Imperial Recruiter is an obscure and very rare Portal Three Kingdoms card that I’d love to see in M14; it does see occasional play in Legacy, but most people don’t have access to it, limiting its use. I can see why WotC wouldn’t reprint it (its price is obscene), but I’d love to see it happen.


For black, a simple lineup of Sengir Vampire (at uncommon), Royal Assassin, and the classic Nightmare (and again, hopefully with original art). A final card that I’d love to see reprinted (though I can’t see it happening, due again to scarcity) is Grim Tutor. This is a Tutor effect that shows up every now and then in Legacy, is not widely available (since it was only printed in Starter 1999), and would be good, but not broken in Standard. I would love to see this card reprinted, and have been hoping for it for some time.


For white, Path to Exile should finally make its appearance in the base set (though I can’t see it happening — it’s too good, and likely will be in Modern Masters). Joining it on my list of cards I’d love to see would be Serra Angel (at uncommon), Baneslayer Angel (at mythic), Mother of Runes, and the return of Savannah Lions (likely also at uncommon, since that’s where they put Elite Vanguard).


For green, a duo of Portal Three Kingdoms cards should make the cut: Three Visits, an obscure reprint of Nature’s Lore (which has a ridiculous price tag, due to its scarcity), and Hunting Cheetah, an immensely cool casual card that I’ve wanted in the base set for years. Hit a player with it, go get a land. A very fun card. Joining the P3K cards would be Birds of Paradise and Llanowar Elves — together again at last!, and Cultivate.


And then there is blue. There are a lot of things I wish WotC would have the balls to do with blue in M14; namely, reprint Counterspell, the ultimate skill-tester, Fact or Fiction, and the big daddy of them all, Force of Will. I can’t see any of these realistically happening, so I’ll stick with my lesser picks of Dismiss, classic blue finisher Mahamoti Djinn, the millionth printing of Clone (hopefully at uncommon), and maybe Force Spike or Power Sink.


Regardless of what they end up doing with M14, the return of some classic cards is a great idea.


13. More Commander decks, with new generals: This one is guaranteed to happen, since they’ve already said so. The only question is when. Hopefully, the answer is soon, since I would like to have them now!


14. More Planechase/more Archenemy support: Sadly, I don’t know if I see this one happening. Planechase and Archenemy were not as popular as the Commander sets, so if they do make more of either, it won’t be for a while. This is unfortunate, since I enjoy playing both as casual formats. Never say never though… I didn’t think we’d ever get EDH precons from WotC, and those happened. So here’s hoping.


15. A block set on Shandalar: With my ongoing playthrough of the Shandalar Magic game, I have a lot of appreciation for the plane of Shandalar. I think setting a block on that plane would be great for the game (and Talrand, Sky Summoner and Talrand’s Invocation shows that Wizards is aware that older Magic players remember Shandalar fondly, so it could happen). Various elements from the Microprose game could even be incorporated into a block… even a planeswalker version of the boss of the game, the mighty Arzakon. I can only dream.


Conclusion: So there you have it! That’s a list of things that I’d love to see get printed in Magic in the next while. We will see how many of these ever actually see print.

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