The EDH Battle Royale VI: Play-in Division, Matches 10-13


The play-in division for The EDH Battle Royale VI is in full swing, and competition is fierce as each player’s decks vie to win a slot in the main tourney! Who will be the next to win and advance?

Our first prelim today is a strange one:

Match 10: Darby’s Toshiro Umezawa vs. Marrow-Gnawer vs. Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder

It’s time for The EDH Battle Royale VI!


Setting the stage:
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The Play-in Division:
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Match 10: Darby’s Toshiro Umezawa vs. Marrow-Gnawer vs. Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder
Much of this match is a tug-of-war between Toshiro and Yidris, who constantly jostle and struggle for advantage, while the Rats quietly just play Relentless Rats. Toshiro wages a quiet war to keep Yidris himself out of play, constantly killing off the powerful general, and Wraths every so often to keep the Rats under control.

With a Palace Siege set to recur creatures, Marrow-Gnawer is set to play the long game, content to just recur Rats until his opponents run out of removal. Likewise, Yidris decides to settle in for a longer game, content to run out gigantic creature after gigantic creature until Toshiro runs out of removal.

It turns out, however, that Toshiro is far more dangerous than either opponent reckoned; after stocking his graveyard using tons of card drawing spells and removal, Toshiro busts out a massive end of turn Empty the Pits, stunning the others and giving him enough power to attack Yidris down to 2 life.

This is all for naught, however, as Yidris is able to kill Toshiro with a big Treacherous Terrain on his own turn.

In true Battle Royale fashion, however, this has set up an unlikely victor, as the Rats have been sitting on a Profane Command, and uses it as a lethal Fireball to make Yidris lose his last 2 points of life, ending this fight.

In a humongous upset, Darby’s tribal Rats led by Marrow-Gnawer have won this match, and advance to the main event!

Match 11: Brianna’s Padeem, Consul of Innovation vs. Sidisi, Brood Tyrant vs. Zada, Hedron Grinder
As one of the most dominant decks in The EDH Battle Royale V, everyone assumed Zada was just going to destroy the other two in this match and stampede into the main event. And in true Zada fashion, she is able to draw ten cards, make a ton of tokens, and just blitz through Sidisi’s life total in a matter of turns.

However, this is where things come apart, as Zada falls victim to hubris: she casts the hilarious card Warp World with a dominating board, just to see what would happen, and though she begins with far more permanents than Padeem, she ends up flipping too many instants/sorceries, and winds up with far fewer permanents than him — meanwhile, Padeem ends up with an army of giant robots! Could Zada possibly have lost this matchup?

Fortunately for her, her deck provides her with nothing but gas, and she is able to leverage Krenko, Mob Boss and Thopter Assembly to make another token army; she follows this up with her general, a Reckless Charge copied to her team to give them haste, and a massive attack. Padeem blocks as well as he can, but even though she’s tapped out, Zada shows him one last trick after he’s declared blockers: a surprise Blazing Shoal, removing a six-drop, giving her team +6/+0! With five unblocked creatures, this is more than enough damage to win this game for Zada, who breathes a huge sigh of relief, thinking she had lost by casting the unfortunate Warp World.

With a huge swarm of tokens and a stack of pump spells, Brianna’s Zada, Hedron Grinder pulls this match out against a surprisingly game Padeem, advancing to the main event!

Match 12: My Breya, Etherium Shaper vs. Wort, the Raidmother vs. The Mimeoplasm
Though this looks like an interesting matchup on paper, between three very different styles of decks (artifact-based vs. big spells vs. reanimator), in the end, neither Breya nor Mimeoplasm actually stop Wort or interact with what she’s doing in any meaningful way.

This match is ended by Wort, with an end of turn Dictate of Karametra setting up a mighty Fanning the Flames with X = 72, conspired to kill both foes.

My Wort, the Raidmother crushes both her opponents quickly and easily, moving on to the main event!

Match 13: Darby’s Chorus of the Conclave vs. Kruphix, God of Horizons vs. Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas
Our final match today was actually quite an even matchup, as each foe struggled for advantage. Casting large creature after large creature, Kalemne grows to be very big very quickly; with a Rogue’s Passage in play, Kalemne’s foes are forced to work together, and the powerful Boros general is shut down by his foes each time he is cast, however, getting Wrathed and killed several times.

Several times in this match, Chorus attempts to kill both foes with enormous creatures, however she is shut down as well, first by Ugin, the Spirit Dragon from Kruphix, then later, by an Akroma’s Vengeance from Kalemne.
Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre hits play for Kruphix, and the mighty Eldrazi titan starts carving up Chorus’s life total, all the while annihilating Chorus’s land base. After two turns of this, Chorus decides she’s had enough, and kills Kruphix with lethal damage from tons of green and white creatures.

This leaves Chorus and Kalemne, and this is where Kalemne makes his move, using Thalia’s Lancers to Tutor for the devastating Gisela, Blade of Goldnight. At a low life total, Chorus of the Conclave has no answer to the powerful flier, and when Angel of Serenity joins Kalemne’s board a turn later, this match is decided.

Thanks to the power of Gisela, Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas wins this match, becoming Darby’s fifth and final entrant into this years Battle Royale main event!

Conclusion: Darby’s five decks for the main event have been decided, and he has quite the lineup going in: Intet, the Dreamer, The Locust God, Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper, Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas, and the surprising Marrow-Gnawer.

His entrants run the full gamut of deck types, from classic U/W control (Noyan Dar), to general-kill (Kalemne), to combo (Locust God), to midrange (Intet), to tribal aggro (Rats), so I definitely look forward to seeing how they fare.

Brianna and I both have one qualifying match left each, to let us see which of our decks will advance. These are our final matches:

Match 14: My Maga, Traitor to Mortals vs. Krenko, Mob Boss vs. General Tazri

Match 15: Brianna’s Karametra, God of Harvests vs. Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice vs. Heliod, God of the Sun

Who will be the final two decks to win and advance, joining Darby’s five decks in the main event of The EDH Battle Royale VI? Stay tuned to find out!


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