The EDH Battle Royale VI: The Next 3 Play-in Matches


Coming from a MTG tournament player’s background, I’ve always had a spot in my heart for tournaments. I love the excitement of doing well and the thrill of competition, and it’s always been a blast to compete. Hence, every year, my little EDH playgroup has hosted a massive EDH tournament between our decks, to crown a champion. This tournament is called The EDH Battle Royale, and this year will mark the sixth time we have done this.

The play-in division is in full swing, and competition is fierce as each player’s decks vie to win a slot in the main tourney!

It’s time for The EDH Battle Royale VI!


Setting the stage:
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• To read about the first secret entrant this year, Brianna’s Xmas deck, Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, click here.
• To read about the first secret entrant this year, Darby’s Xmas deck, The Locust God, click here.

The Play-in Division:
• To read about the first two matchups, click here.


Our first two play-in division winners, Intet, the Dreamer, and Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, were a mix of new and old, as Hapatra was a brand new deck that I’d built this year for Brianna, while Intet was Darby’s longest-running EDH deck. We were all highly impressed with the performance of Hapatra, who took down Marchesa, the Black Rose (one of the EDH Battle Royale V’s most impressive decks last year, and one of the finalists) with ease.

Would we have some more young upstarts win and advance today? Let’s take a look!

Play-in Match 3: My Mayael the Anima vs. Keranos, God of Storms vs. Queen Marchesa
Two of these decks, Mayael and Keranos, have very solid win/loss records in EDH Battle Royale events, so I was definitely looking forward to seeing how they fared here in the play-in division.
Mayael was very quick to add some devastating permanents to her board, with her general on turn three and a Quicksilver Amulet turn four slipping through any countermagic from Keranos. The Amulet put Avacyn, Angel of Hope right into play on turn five, and just like that, Mayael’s foes were under a lot of pressure.
However, the crafty and clever Keranos had a plan. After waiting a few turns to let Mayael drop more creatures into play, he was able to use an end of turn Cyclonic Rift to bounce Avacyn, plus an Oblivion Stone activation to wipe Mayael’s board. This left Mayael without much in the way of threats, and Keranos slowly pulled ahead on cards with the card advantage from his general.
From here, despite the fact that Mayael had her best card against his theft spells (Homeward Path), Keranos was able to use his counterspells to keep his foes in check, and ends this game with a massive Rite of Replication kicked on Blazing Archon, followed by a bounce spell for the original, and a huge Rise from the Tides, swarming his opponents to death with an overwhelming number of tokens.
My first deck to win and advance is the Izzet control deck, Keranos, God of Storms!

Play-in Match 4: Darby’s The Locust God vs. Arahbo, Roar of the World vs. Heartless Hidetsugu
This was both one of the matches I was most looking forward to, as The Locust God was the other deck I’d built as a gift this year and I wanted to see how it did; and a match I was dreading, as I didn’t think the Izzet deck could withstand the onslaught of the deadly Hidetsugu.
The early game was dominated by Cats, as Arahbo deployed a ton of early pressure and used his general’s +3/+3 bonus to put the others under the gun from the very start. Hidetsugu merely contented himself by playing his general, which had haste from a variety of sources (Lightning Greaves, Hall of the Bandit Lord, and Flamekin Village were all in play at this point). Locust God was eventually able to wipe the board with an Oblivion Stone, clearing everything away.
From here, the midgame is actually dominated by one enchantment: a key Gravitational Shift from Locust God, which shrinks all his opponents’ creatures while making his own flying creatures bigger. This, coupled with several Wheel of Fortune effects, lets Locust God beat his foes down quite effectively; by the time the Cats finally find a way to destroy the powerful enchantment, the damage has been done, and Locust God has his foes under 10 life each. A few more Wheels to make more hasty Insects later, and we have our next winner.
A new deck, Darby’s The Locust God is able to withstand the fury of his foes, winning this match to advance!

Play-in Match 5: Brianna’s Karona, False God (tribal Gods) vs. Tishana, Voice of Thunder (tribal Merfolk) vs. Kaalia of the Vast
This matchup is just dominated by the Merfolk, who are constantly drawing cards, countering key threats, and always adding more threats to the board. After several devastating bounce spells from Tishana, both Kaalia and the Gods are quickly killed off by massive Merfolk attacks.
Brianna’s Tishana, Voice of Thunder (tribal Merfolk) easily win this matchup and advance to the main event!

So there you have it! Blue cards dominated the day, and we have three more winners joining Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and Intet, the Dreamer in the main event: Keranos, God of Storms, Brianna’s Tishana, Voice of Thunder, and Darby’s The Locust God!

Who will win and advance next? Stay tuned to find out!


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