Building the Un-Spiracy Cube, Part Two



I’ve always loved variant formats in MTG, and I’ve always enjoyed drafting various Cubes. Heck, there have been two sets that I enjoyed drafting so much that I went and built single-set Cubes for (Rise of the Eldrazi and Innistrad, which I wrote about here).

With the release of Conspiracy: Take the Crown last year, it got me thinking about building another Cube to draft as a multiplayer set… This Cube would be full of the Conspiracies and fun draft cards that I loved from Conspiracy, and I’d replace the cards I found boring in the two Conspiracy sets with fun silver-bordered cards from Unglued and Unhinged.

This Cube would be called the Un-Spiracy Cube, and this week, I’ll be sitting down to finally brainstorm and build it. With a third Un-set, Unstable, on the horizon, I really wanted to make sure that I had an initial draft of this Cube up and running, that I can edit once that set comes out.

Let’s take a look!
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