Guilds of Ravnica, Part Two


On Tuesday, I took a quick look at the upcoming set, Guilds of Ravnica, which starts Magic’s third Ravnica block. Many of the new cards spoiled look to be super fun for EDH and quite powerful, and are ones that I’m really looking forward to trying out in my own decks. Today, with lots more new cards spoiled since then, what else do I think looks good for the format?

Let’s take a look!
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Return to Return to Ravnica!


Later today, we’ll be getting spoilers for the September big set, Guilds of Ravnica! Since Ravnica is by far one of Magic’s most popular settings, it was a no-brainer that we’d be going back there eventually, and I for one am definitely looking forward to seeing what Wizards has in store for their third attempt.

Let’s do a quick look at what will be in this set!
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