Hidden Gems # 22: Eternal Masters Edition



Welcome once again to another edition of EDH Hidden Gems, the series where I look at some lesser-known cards that are excellent in multiplayer! Today, with the full Eternal Masters spoiler revealed and the set releasing today, I thought it would be a great idea to go through the set, and take a look for some fun EDH cards!

Let’s go!
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Predictions: Eternal Masters — Followup



A short while back, I gave my predictions for the cards that I believed would be in Eternal Masters, the all-reprint set designed to increase supply of certain cards for Legacy/Vintage/Cube/old formats (it won’t, just like the first Modern Masters set, but we’ll get to that in a minute.) Thus far with my predictions, I have about a 40-50% average, between Modern Masters, Modern Masters 2015, and FTV: Angels. With the full set having been spoiled on Friday, it’s time to look back at my predictions and see how I did. What did I get right, and what did I miss on?

Let’s dive right in!
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A Look Back at My Predictions: Eternal Masters



With previews for Eternal Masters starting next week, I figured today would be a good day to take a quick look back at my predictions for the set before the big reveal next week!

Eternal Masters, a set designed to increase the supply of hard-to-find or pricey Eternal staples will be released this June. Very few preview cards for this set have thus far been released, with only the counterspell Force of Will at mythic rare, and Wasteland at rare thus far being confirmed. These two cards are basically the backbone of Legacy/Vintage, so their inclusion has people buzzing about this set.

As a hardcore Legacy player, naturally I’m really looking forward to this set!

Back in 2013, I had posted my predictions for the original Modern Masters set. I did fairly well; I had correctly predicted 9/15 mythics, and 19/53 rares correctly; this meant that I was 40% right, which was a good enough success rate that I considered this round of predictions to be a success. When Modern Masters 2015 was spoiled, I did another round of predictions; this time with a much lower success rate – I was only 30% right this time.

Today’s article will be my predictions for what will be in this awesome-sounding set, so let’s go!
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