Dominaria in EDH


What a spoiler season it’s been for Dominaria, Magic’s spring set. First, the Chinese release notes were accidentally spoiled, leading to ~100 cards being spoiled. Then, Wizards released the English notes, so that people weren’t working with misinformation — this let us know that these leaked cards were legit. Since then, we’ve had a steady flow of new cards and information, letting us know that the Dominaria set was a truly awesome one, and one to really look forward to.

There’s been a lot of Dominaria spoiled since that initial flow. Let’s take a look at what I’ll be using in EDH!
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A First Look at Dominaria


Last Thursday, the Chinese release notes for the spring MTG set, Dominaria, were accidentally released. In a smart move, Wizards released an English translation, to make sure everyone had the right information about the set. This of course gave everyone a ton of new info about this eagerly-anticipated set and spoiled a ton of new cards, and hype levels went up even farther than they were.

Today, I’ll be delving into the release notes, and I’ll take a look at what promises to be an excellent set for EDH. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Let’s go!
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