Building Dakkon Blackblade, Part Two


Recently, I took a look at our Esper deck, which had been led by general Halfdane for the last while. After seeing the spoiler for the Blackblade from Dominaria, I was inspired to rebuild the deck into a Dakkon Blackblade list. I went over my initial thoughts here.

Well, I’ve finally built the deck, so it’s time for a much more in-depth look at the direction I took with it. Let’s go!
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Rebuilding Esper into Dakkon Blackblade


Welcome to another edition of the article series where I go over changes to my different EDH decks in detail (and where I trash them and rebuild them into something better).

There have been a number of my decks over the last few years that have been on the chopping block after disappointing performances and poor games, and many have been culled or changed. Much as I have done before, I rebuilt decks that just aren’t working; this may involve either changing some cards around deck to deck, changing who the general of the deck is, or completely overhauling the entire deck.

Now, with Rivals of Ixalan long since released and Dominaria on the horizon, I’ve been going over each set of changes and additions to my EDH decks, and man, have there ever a lot of them!

Today, we’ll be looking at what I’ve been brainstorming for our Esper list: changing from Halfdane-led copycat tribal, to classic Dakkon Blackblade. Let’s take a look!
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