Rebuilding Captain Sisay after Ixalan


When last my baby brother was in town a few years back, he’d given me an Invasion copy of legend Captain Sisay as a gift, as he knew that I’d been looking to build an EDH deck around her for a long time and couldn’t find a copy. I had since built the good Captain for EDH, and it was a lot of fun to play, with lots of wacky cards to Tutor for.

Now, with Ixalan, the time has come to revisit the deck, as Ixalan’s planeswalker change (planeswalkers are all now legendary) gives Sisay even more things to Tutor up.

Which planeswalkers should I add? What do I cut? And is there anything else I should be adding in to the deck? That’s what we’ll be taking a look at today!
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Putting Captain Sisay’s Legendary Crew Together



Last year, my brother Joel had given me a copy of classic Invasion legend Captain Sisay, which I’d been trying to find locally to no avail for quite some time. I’d been planning to build a Commander deck around Sisay, with lots of aggressive and classic legends, and now that I finally had a copy, I knew it was time to put the deck together.

What did I build? Let’s take a look!
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