Vintage Article: The Superdraft (redux)

For today, I have decided to do something a little different. Even back in 2003, I was a wacky player, and loved to do different casual events when not preparing for tournaments. This is an article that I had written back on 10/07/2003, fifteen years ago, about my experience running an event called ‘The Superdraft’.

Long before the modern idea of ‘Chaos Drafts,’ I ran a giant booster draft with packs from every set we could get our hands on, and it ended up being a lot of fun.

We had later run a second Superdraft, with packs up to and including Champions of Kamigawa, and I ran the tables with a G/B deck. Sadly, there was never a report on that draft.

Over the last ten years, Darby has slowly been gathering enough packs to set up a third Superdraft later this summer, so for today I wanted to reprint this initial article to show what we’ll be doing.

What was The Superdraft? Read on to find out!

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