Drafting Unstable


(Editor’s note: Originally, this article was supposed to run the Monday after Unstable’s release, but I got very busy with family stuff. Hence, this was greatly delayed.)

This past weekend saw the release of MtG’s third Un-set, Unstable, and I was hugely excited to play it. I picked up two boxes to draft with friends, and everyone was pumped to roll some dice and assemble some Contraptions. So how did the drafts end up going?

Let’s take a look!
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Casual format: Old School Magic (or Magic ’93-94 )


I thought I’d write about something different today. At our local store, we have Legacy night every Thursday, where players can show up armed with their dual lands and Force of Wills and battle. One of the side events that has been introduced recently to the scene is Old School Magic (otherwise known as Magic ’93-94).


What is Old School Magic? Well, I’m glad you asked (since that’s what this article’s about)!
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Casual Tribal Decks II: R/G Shamans and U/W Humans

As I’d mentioned in Casual Tribal Decks II: the Introduction, I was planning this year to send my brother some more casual MtG decks for Christmas. While this idea was mostly changed by his asking me to build him an EDH deck instead (which I document here), I did still build him two casual tribal decks.


This article will show you the two tribal decks I built for him to go with budget Mayael – R/G Shamans and U/W Humans. Here we go!
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Casual Xmas deck: Budget Mayael the Anima EDH

Back in this article, I had gone over my plans to send my little brother Joel some casual MtG decks for Christmas, since he’d recently gotten back into casual Magic. I had initially brainstormed a Soldier deck (which I describe here), and a W/B Spirits deck (which I go into here). I had just started putting these decks together for him, getting ready to ship them off, when he dropped a bombshell on me.


“So, I play this format called Commander now!”


With that, my plans changed.

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Building Casual Tribal Decks II: Introduction

Back in May, my baby brother Joel had decided to get back into Magic, and at that time, had asked me to send him two decks as a present for his birthday: an Angel deck and a Vampire deck. Building casual MtG decks (not for EDH) is not something I normally do any more, or have done in years, so I eagerly took this as a deckbuilding challenge. I proceeded to build him 9 different casual tribal decks (which you can read about here).


And now, I was looking to build him some more.
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Casual RTR Guild Decks

So, the RTR prerelease has come and gone, and everyone is busy building decks with the new cards. I am no exception; I have been busy working RTR cards into my EDH decks, and brainstorming Standard decks for the upcoming Champs this coming Saturday.


In the lull between the RTR release and the frenzy of Standard testing that I will be doing this week for Champs, I was given a challenge by my girlfriend Angela: to take only the RTR cards that we’d opened, and build a casual deck for each guild to play some Planechase games with. I will be going over these decks today.

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Vintage Article: The Superdraft

For today, I have decided to do something a little different. Even back in 2003, I was a wacky player, and loved to do different casual events on the side of tournaments. This is an article that I had written back on 10/07/2003 about my experience running an event called ‘The Superdraft’, where I ran a giant booster draft with packs from every set we could get our hands on, and it ended up being a lot of fun.

Reposted with permission from starcitygames.com.

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Casual Tribal Decks: Conclusions

Building the casual tribal decks for my brother was a fun deckbuilding exercise, and I felt that I did very well at building these decks. Each deck had its own personality and playstyle, with several themes, and each one was both fairly competitive and fun to play.

Again, these were the decks I ended up sending my brother:

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