The BOO Draft III: Mark the Ninja’s set, Our Favourite TV Shows/Films



Our eighth set for The BOO Draft III remained a mystery to everyone else going into the event. I had secretly put together a set of 45 cards based around mine and my new wife Angela’s favourite TV shows and movies to commemorate our wedding. Just as our wedding would mark us sharing our lives together, so did this set share and represent our favourite shows and movies, as they were mixed into one set of 45 cards.

There are cards in here representing as far back as He-Man and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, to classic movie The Princess Bride, and newer movies Divergent and The Hunger Games. This secret set had a lot of different movie/TV references packed into it, and was a lot of fun both to draft and create.

Importantly, I made sure that this set of 45 cards had two different sets of dual lands, as I felt that our BOO Draft needed a lot of mana-fixing this time around.


Gold cards:


Hybrid mana cards:

Hybrid  Batman

Hybrid  BattleOWits

Hybrid  BDSaints

Hybrid  Fezzik

Hybrid  BeAMan

Hybrid  Inigo

Hybrid  Buttercup

Hybrid  DDDiva

Hybrid  Divergent

Hybrid  WalkingDead

Hybrid  DWDuck

Hybrid  LiloStitch

Hybrid  HungryGames

Hybrid  ManInBlack

Hybrid  Joker

Hybrid  Wolverine

Hybrid  Aladdin

Hybrid  Magnetism

Hybrid  OliverAndCo

Hybrid  Pooh

Land//spell cards (when you play these from your hand, you can play them as either side):

LandSpell  JLU 5C

LandSpell  HeManRW

LandSpell  SexRW

LandSpell  PPerfectUG

LandSpell  BClubUG

LandSpell  BeOurGuestUW

LandSpell  FriendsUW

LandSpell  BraveheartRG

LandSpell  DirtyDancingRG

LandSpell  CrowWB

LandSpell  GreysWB

LandSpell  GobKingUR

LandSpell  LucyUR

LandSpell  GOT GB

LandSpell  HouseWG

LandSpell  PoohCornerWG

LandSpell  PrisonBreakRB

LandSpell  SaberRiderRB

LandSpell  SkeletorUB

LandSpell  TiffanysUB

Artifact and colorless:

Art  Gizmoduck

Colorless  Barney

Colorless  WWERaw


Token  HeMan

Token  Skeletor

Token  Abu

Token  Genie

Token  Connor

Token  Murphy

Token  Crow

Token  Jareth

Token  Goblin

Token  JLU

Token  Katniss

Token  Lilo

Token  Stitch

Token  Mulan

Token  Dodget

Token  Oliver

Token  Einstein

Token  Francis

Token  Rita

Token  Tito

Token  Pooh

Token  VinniPukh

Token  Piglet

Token  Piglet2

Token  Tigger

Token  Ramrod

Token  WWallace

Token  Scotsman1

Token  Scotsman2

Token  Scotsman3

Token  StoneCold

Token  TheRock

Token  Cena

Token  Walker