The BOO Draft III: Jay’s set, Transformers Generation One



For our third annual BOO Draft, Jay’s set was based on his favourite cartoon from his childhood: the classic 1980s Transformers, which launched the toy line in North America. The series depicts a war among giant robots that can transform into vehicles and other objects, and was wildly popular with kids, spawning many spinoff shows and movies, and remaining popular today. The story focused on heroic Optimus Prime and his Autobots fighting against the villainous Megatron and his Decepticons, and battling over various energy sources as they war for dominion over Earth and their home planet Cybertron.



White cards:

W  Ratchet

Blue cards:

U  Soundwave

Black cards:


Red cards:

R  HotRod

Green cards:

G  Overrun

Multicolor cards:

RW  Optimus

RW  Ironhide


RB  Megatron


BR  Slag

GB  Snarl

GB  Constructicons

GB  ShowNoMercy

RG  Grimlock

RG  Sludge

RG  Warpath

UB  Shockwave

UB  Skywarp

UB  Thundercracker

UG  Hound

UG  Mirage

UG  Reflector

WB  Anthem

WB  IStillFunc

WB  Manifest

WG  Bumblebee

WG  UGotTheTouch

WG  Humans

UR  Starscream

UR  Wheeljack

UR  Swoop

UW  Jazz

UW  Jetfire

UW  Prowl

Artifacts and colorless:

Colorless  Unicron

Art  Energon

Art  Matrix

Art  Quintessons

Art  TT1


Land  Cybertron

Land  Metroplex


Land  TheArk

Land  UDBase

Checklist cards and tokens:

Checklist card I

Checklist card II

Token  Devastator

Token  Galvatron

Token  Sparkplug

Token  Spike

Token  Frenzy

Token  Laserbeak

Token  Ravage

Token  Rumble

Token  Scourge

Token  Sharkticon


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