The BOO Draft III: Darby’s set, Ranma ½



For our third annual BOO Draft, Darby’s set was based on his favourite anime: the TV show, Ranma ½, about a boy who turns into a girl when doused with cold water, his feisty fiancee, his father who turns into a panda, and the various hijinx he and his friends get into.


White cards:

W  Genma

Blue cards:

U  Mousse

Black cards:

B  Shampoo

Red cards:

R  Ranma

Green cards:

G  Ryoga

Multicolor cards:

Gold  Akane

Gold  Bakusai

Gold  DocTofu

Gold  BigBattleAura

Gold  Kuno

Gold  CatFu

Gold  Cologne

Gold  ShishiHokodan

Gold  Happosai

Gold  HappoFire

Gold  Sasuke

Gold  HappoMold

Gold  Hikaru

Gold  WhiteSwan

Gold  Kodachi

Gold  Punch

Gold  Tendo

Gold  RunAway

Gold  Ukyo

Gold  Tenshin


Art  Bandanna

Art  DimensionHammer

Art  KodachiRibbon

Art  RyogaUmbrella

Art  ShampooBike

Art  ShampooChui

Art  UkyoSpatula

Art  HappoCollection

Art  HappoScroll

Art  TeaKettle


Land  BathHouse

Land  CatCafe

Land  DollInn

Land  FHigh

Land  GirlSkool

Land  Jusenkyo

Land  KunoEstate

Land  RyuG

Land  TendoDojo

Land  Wilderness


Token  Townfolk


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