The BOO Draft III: Brother Joel’s set, Martial arts flicks



For our third annual BOO Draft, we have lined up a newcomer — my baby brother Joel, who would be in town for my wedding! His set was based on classic martial arts flicks and TV shows, since he’s always been a huge fan of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and other such martial artists.


Multicolor cards:

5C  ChuckNorris

5C  AvatarState

5C  PowerRangers

WBG  Rocky

WBU  Neo

WRG  SuperSaiyan

BUG  FootSoldiers

GWU  LuYan

RBG  Aang

RUB  SuperShredder

RUG  3Ninjas

RWB  IpMan

RWU  AmericanNinja

RW  BruceLee

RW  Goku

BG  PayTribute

GB  BlackDynamite

RB  MKAnnihilation

RB  Scorpion

WG  Po

WG  SammoLaw

WB  SnakeEyes

WB  StormShadow

GR  FrankDux

RG  EpicConf

UB  Shredder

UB  SubZero

UG  GHornetKato


UR  DoubleDragon

UR  LearnSecrets

UW  CaseyR


Hybrid cards:

Hybrid UW  LiMuBai

Hybrid BG  WannaFight10

Hybrid GW  RoofSplits

Hybrid RB  UltimateAttack

Hybrid RG  WalkerTR

Hybrid RW  KarateKid

Hybrid UB  NinjaAttack

Hybrid UG  VicPose

Hybrid UR  Hadou

Hybrid WB  Riki-Oh

Artifacts and colorless:

Art  MTieInGame

Colorless  Nameless

Tokens and emblems:

Token  Leo

Token  Donny

Token  Mikey

Token  Raph

Token  AprilONeil

Token  Ninja1

Token  Ninja2

Token  BillyLee

Token  JimmyLee

Token  Rocky

Token  Colt

Token  TumTum

Token  Megazord

Token  ChuckN

Emblem  April

Emblem  ChuckN


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