The BOO Draft III: Brianna’s set, The Phantom of the Opera



For our third annual BOO Draft, Brianna’s set was based on classic 2004 movie The Phantom of the Opera, a musical where an opera house is threatened by the Opera Ghost, who falls in love with the lead singer Christine.


White cards:


Blue cards:

U  Cancelbuyback

Black cards:

B  DisfigureBuyback

Red cards:

R  DealDamageBuyback

Green cards:

G  ElvishFuryPlus

Multicolor cards:

5C  Masq

5C  AngelOMusic

5C  ThePhantom

WRU  Christine

WRU  DrawAllTheCards

WRU  Spelljack

RGB  DeathsDuel

RGB  DeniedMeBM

RGB  YourSpirit

RUB  ControlMagicIsh

RUB  Surrender

RUB  Valuetown

RUG  CascadeCascade

RUG  ConcentrateCheat

RUG  Fog

RWB  KaerveksPurge

RWB  MercilessEvictionDeed

RWB  ThreatenVindicate

RWG  DisenchantBuyback

RWG  MartonOverrun

RWG  ThreatenPlus

WGB  2ExploreSoulFeast

WGB  MiraculousRecovery

WGB  TwoGuys

WUB  AllIAsk

WUB  DivinationProbe

WUB  WrathCascade

WUG  SIListen

WUG  ThrivePlus

WUG  VRaoul

BUG  DamiaArena

BUG  MakeChoice

BUG  Value

Artifacts and colorless:

Art  Mirror

Art  MusicBox

Art  PMask

Colorless  RangerGuile

Colorless  VindicateIsh


Land  PLair

Land  POperaHouse


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