The BOO Draft III: Brad’s set, Warner Bros. cartoons



For our third annual BOO Draft, Brad’s set was based on his favourite cartoons from Warner Bros., like Animaniacs and most especially, Pinky and the Brain.



White cards:

W  HelloNurse

W  KungBoo

W  IFriendSong

W  ScaryClown

Blue cards:

U  Goodfeathas

U  JamesBoo

U  MimeTime

U  Pondering

Black cards:

B  Invisibo

B  BaloneySlacks

B  MedusaWatch

B  Weenie

Red cards:

R  FoamyDog

R  GeneralB

R  KatieKaboom

R  SpecialDelivery

Green cards:

G  CaveGuy

G  Pinky

G  SlappySquirrel

G  NotTheWeenie

Multicolor cards:

Gold  WarnerBrosAndDot

Gold  SameThingEveryNight

Gold  Brain

Gold  CandleJack

BRAD  CelebrityCameo

Gold  Freakazoid

Gold  GoodBadIdeas

Gold  Gutierrez

Gold  Ralph

Gold  Roddy

Gold  SgtCosgrove

Gold  Snowball

Artifacts/Colorless cards:

Art  Wheel

Colorless  Scratchandsniff


Land  TheWorld

Land  Anvil

Land  AcmeLabs

Land  Brainania

Land  CampOTerror

Land  GutLair

Land  Internet

Land  MovieLot

Land  PoetryCorner

Land  SlappyTree

Land  WaterTower


Token  ChickenBoo

Token  Squirrel


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