The BOO Draft: My set, “Choices”



The theme for my very first BOO set was that of choices. I love cards that give me a lot of options to work with, and so I created an entire set of 45 cards where every card gave you a variety of options and choices for what you could do with that card.


White cards:

white command

Icatian Mayor

Blue cards:

Blue command

Ancient Librarian

Black cards:

black command

Morbid Gravedigger

Red cards:

Red command

Harsh Taskmaster

Green cards:

Green Command

Prismatic Druid

Gold cards:


marks charm

Ang charm

Briannas charm

ants charm

chriss charm

darbys charm

jasons charm

jays charm

joels charm

taras charm

Split cards:

Djinn tonic

Twist Shout

Thunder lightning

bend break

love hate

Black White

Cut Dry

Dumb Dumber

On Off

Tuck Roll


My second tome

Mana fixer

Mana filter

Mana rock

Land/Spells (when you play this card from your hand, choose to play it as either land or spell):

Chitter of Serenity

Beast Bolt

Field Workers

Rust Minon

Under duress


Undead squirrel

flying squirrel







Beast 2

Beast 3

Beast 4

Beast 5

Squirrel machine

Squirrel Zombie


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