The BOO Draft: Joel’s set, The Road Builders



For our very first BOO Draft, Joel went with what he knew, and themed his set around his job. Joel essentially does construction work and builds roads, so he has a lot of construction-themed cards, cars and trucks, and various road workers in his set.


White cards:

W  EolOff

W  Guardrail

W  HazardAss

W  SafetyOfficer

W  ShuttleBuggy

W  Spotter



Blue cards:

U  CheckThatOut

U  Divination

U  FishZap

U  NstrEng

U  NstrInspector

U  Overheat

U  Paver

U  Water Truck

Black cards:

B  Asphalt

B  DistTruck

B  PileUp

B  Roadkill

B  RushHour

B  Sheep

B  TackTruck

B  Traffic

Red cards:

R  AugurTruck

R  Detour

R  FenderBender

R  Foreman

R  HeatStroke

R  MillingMachine

R  Profiler

R  Superintendant

Green cards:

G  Bulldozer

G  DumpTruck

G  Excavator

G  Grader

G  Hydroseeding

G  Labourer

G  NewGuy

G  RoCoffee

G  Roller


Art  CrewTruck

Art  SpecBook

Gold  MonsterTruck


Token  Cone

Token  Barrel

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