The BOO Draft: Jason’s set, Power Creep City



For our initial BOO Draft, Jason had created a set of 45 cards with very little interlocking theme, other than a wildly fluctuating power level. Some cards were too powerful, and others not powerful enough, earning his set the nickname “Power Creep City.”


White cards:

W  AngeloM

W  HealHands

W  PactAngel

W  TFAngel

W  WDawn

W  WWinds

Blue cards:

U  AncHands

U  FaeQuorum

U  SeaFae

U  SkyDawn

U  Skywinds

U  TLFae

Black cards:

B  DarkDawn

B  DarkHands

B  DarkWinds

B  DevilImp

B  HatedImp

B  PactImp

Red cards:

R  AntSwarm

R  CarpAnts

R  Firebug

R  FireDawn

R  FireWinds

R  LightHands

Green cards:

G  FrogDS

G  GiantHands

G  LeapFrog

G  NPFrog

G  SporeDawn

G  SporeW


Art  HastyGnomes

Art  TTwisted

Art  UMBand

Multicolor cards:

Gold  BadMonster

Gold  BMonster

Gold  PlatMonst

Gold  SavMonster

Gold  ScrubMonst

Gold  TMonster

Gold  TropIslMon

Gold  TunMon

Gold  USeaMon

Gold  VolcIMons


Land  DOasis


Token  Angel

Token  Insect


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