The BOO Draft II: Joel’s set, Clash of Clans



For our second BOO Draft, Joel’s set was based on the tower defense game, Clash of Clans.


Clash into screen


White cards:


W  ArcherTower

W  Giant

W  Golem

W  Healer

W  HealSpell

W  RageSpell


Blue cards:


U  FreezeSpell

U  JumpSpell

U  SpellFactory

U  Laboratory

U  Wizard

U  WizardTower


Black cards:


B  Balloon

B  HogRiders

B  Minion

B  Wallbreaker

B  Witch

Token  Skeleton

B  XBow


Red cards:


R  Barbarian

R  BarbarianKing

Token  Barbarian

R  Dragon

R  Goblin

R  InfernoTower

R  LightningSpell


Green cards:


G  AirBomb

G  SeekingAirMine

G  AirDefense

G  Archer

G  ArcherQueen

Token  Archer

G  Valkyrie




Art  Bomb

Art  GiantBomb

Art  SpringTrap

Art  Tesla

Art  Cannon

Art  Mortar

Art  ClanCastle

Token  Archer

Art  GoldStorage

Art  ElixirPump

Art  ElixirStorage

Art  Pekka

Art  Wall




Land  ArmyCamp

Land  Barracks

Land  GoldMine

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