The BOO Draft II: Darby’s set, Final Fantasy 1



For the second BOO Draft, Darby’s set was based on the classic NES RPG, Final Fantasy.


00 Title Screen


White cards:


W  WMage

Token  WWizard

W  WWizard

W  HealStaff

W  Fast

W  Fade

W  Astos


Blue cards:


U  Thief

Token  Ninja

U  Water

U  Air

U  Sahagin

U  Exit

U  Kraken


Black cards:


B  BMage

Token  BWizard

B  BWizard

B  Zap

B  Rub

B  GasDragon

B  Vampire


Red cards:


R  Fighter

Token  Knight

R  RedMage

Token  RedWizard

R  Nuke

R  Fir2

R  Earth

R  Fire

R  Kary


Green cards:


G  BBelt

Token  Master

G  Imp

Token  Imp

G  TRex

G  Temper

G  Mute

G  Hydra


Gold cards:


Gold  Knight

Gold  Master

Gold  RedWizard

Gold  Ninja

Gold  Garland

Token  Chaos

Gold  Lich

Gold  Tiamat




Art  Warmech

Art  Tail

Colorless  BQuest

Token  Tail

Art  Airship

Art  Excalibur

Art  Masamune




Land  Corneria


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