The BOO Draft II: Brianna’s set, Fire Emblem



Brianna’s set for our second BOO Draft was based on the Game Boy game, Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken.




White cards:


W  Guy

W  Lucius

W  Aureola

W  Light


Blue cards:


U  Erk

U  Heath

U  Fimbulvetr

U  ProVision


Black cards:


B  Canas

B  Eclipse

B  Gespenst

B  QuintReplication

Token  Morph


Red cards:


R  Kent

R  Raven

R  Elfire

R  Forblaze


Green cards:


G  Dorcas

G  Hawkeye

G  Sain

G  Excalibur


Gold cards:


Gold  Eliwood

Gold  Lyn

Gold  Hector

Gold  Athos

Gold  Dart

Gold  Priscilla

Gold  Rath

Gold  Serra

Gold  Wil

Gold  Florina

Gold  Nergal

Token  Morph2

Gold  Limstella

Gold  Sonia

Gold  Ninian

Gold  EscDragon




Art  FireEmblem

Art  Armads

Art  Durandal

Art  SolKatti




Land  DragonsGate

Land  CSwamp

Land  DIsle

Land  LForest

Land  MountainoV

Land  NDesert


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