The BOO Draft II: Brad’s set, Street Fighter II



Brad’s BOO set for the second BOO Draft was based around classic arcade and SNES fighting game, Street Fighter II.




Gold cards:


Gold  RW  Ryu

Gold  RW  Hadouken

Gold  RW  FeiLong

Gold  RW  DragonKick

Gold  WB  DJay

Gold  WB  MaxOut

Gold  UW  ChunLi

Gold  UW  SpBirdKick

Gold  UR  Cammy

Gold  UR  CDrill

Gold  BR  Akuma

Gold  BR  RagingDemon

Gold  BR  Balrog

Gold  BR  DPunch

Gold  BR  Ken

Gold  BR  Shoryuken

Gold  UG  Dhalsim

Gold  UG  YogaFlame

Gold  UG  Blanka

Gold  UG  ElecShock

Gold  UG  THawk

Gold  UG  CDive

Gold  GR  Zangief

Gold  GR  SpBFist

Gold  GR  Sagat

Gold  GR  TigerShot

Gold  GW  EHonda

Gold  GW  HHandSlap

Gold  GW  Guile

Gold  GW  FKick

Gold  UB  MBison

Gold  UB  PCrusher

Gold  UB  Vega

Gold  UB  WallJump

Gold  5C  BestEnding




Land  SCastleJap

Land  EHBathsJap

Land  AFBaseUSA

Land  BHarborUSA

Land  ARForestBrazil

Land  MPalaceIndia

Land  PRoadChina

Land  GFactoryUSSR

Land  FBroomSpain

Land  RTempleThailand


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