The BOO Draft: Darby’s set, “Random Darbyness”



For our first BOO Draft, Darby’s set of 45 cards didn’t really have a cohesive theme; they mostly were a collection of cards that he had always wanted to see printed.


White cards:

W  BenPriest

W  CCharge

W  LibraryKnight

W  PlSmiting

W  Sedative

W  Sentaro

W  SpPossession

W  Yoda

Blue cards:

U  AbApp

U  Backflow

U  Dragonling

U  FaeMischief

U  IceCloak

U  MindMage

U  OverSpell

U  RealitySphere

U  Transfuse

Black cards:

B  Crush

B  DDemon

B  Gravemind

B  Happosai

B  NecroAura

B  Sepulture

B  StenchGrave

B  ThoughtThrull

Red cards:

R  321Contact

R  Emb of Lightning

R  ForFlame

R  GiantGiant

R  LightningT

R  Ranma

R  SpTrap

Green cards:

G  Bigspider

G  Hulk

G  ImpDjinn

G  Lifefuse

G  MatedPair

G  MindNature

G  ProdSurge

Gold and split cards:

Gold  DarbyPW

Gold  HornyHomo

Split  DC


Art  BMox

Art  CrushPress


Land  PhReach


Token  Spirit

Token  Faerie

Token  OozeMutant


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