The BOO Draft: Chris’s set, The Wasteland



For our first BOO Draft, Chris had created a post-apocalyptic world called “The Wasteland,” had an elaborate backstory that it was set in, and had the colors allying themselves with their enemy counterparts (ie. white allied itself with red and black).


White cards:

W  EtRighteous

W  Mantle

W  RCharm

W  SSentinel

Blue cards:

U  Drown

U  Kristophe

U  Mantle

U  MirrorCharm

Black cards:

B  LOutcast

B  Mantle

B  NecroCharm

B  Saash

B  Tombburst

Red cards:

R  DCharm

R  Drokkik

R  Fireflash

R  FSellsword

R  Mantle

R  Rohar

Green cards:

G  EMists

G  Mantle

G  PreCharm

G  Tann

Gold cards:

Gold  Banish

Gold  CBVixen

Gold  CKithkin

Gold  CSkyknight

Gold  Devourer

Gold  Drinker

Gold  DSellsword

Gold  EPhantasm

Gold  FFire

Gold  Gwyneth

Gold  Hellcalling

Gold  MRedhand

Gold  OMissionary

Gold  Possibolt

Gold  Rubinia

Gold  SkSellsword

Gold  SSpy

Gold  WWail


Land  ApocCrater

Land  Cathedral

Land  OBayou

Land  SPlateau

Land  TAtoll

Land  VPeaks


Token  Ghoul

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