The BOO Draft: Brianna’s set, “Tee Hee, Squirrels are Cute”



For our first BOO Draft, Brianna was one of two people to not really have a cohesive theme for her set. She had some scattered tribal cards thrown in (of which she liked the squirrels best, which is where the name of the set came from).


White cards:

W  Smite

W  Rhea


W  Magpie

W  Lethlia

W  Hahur

W  Deja

Blue cards:

U  Drakkar

U  Jabbat

U  Karra

U  MerfWat

U  Puppet

U  Rigart

Black cards:

B  CallDeath

B  DecapZombie

B  DetZombie

B  DZombie

B  Neight

B  PC Zombie

Red cards:

R  Vagrah

R  BDragon

R  JoeGob

R  MoralSupp

R  Pyro

R  UncFire

R  Whirlwind

Green cards:

G  AHorde

G  ChitterSquirrels

G  NCrusher

G  NGuardian

G  NSmasher

G  SqKing

G  WMagic

Artifacts and colorless:

Colorless  Seventis

Art  3rdRing

Art  MystRock

Art  StaffPing

Multicolor cards:

Gold  FSquirrel

Gold  HCrab

Gold  VAngel


Land  CCastles

Land  FSwamps

Land  MtGlacier

Land  PVista

Land  SMeadows

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