The BOO Draft: Angela’s set, Munchkin



For our very first BOO Draft, Angela created a set of 45 cards based on the popular card game Munchkin.


White cards:


W  ChickenOnHead

W  FrostGiant

W  HelpMeHere

W  Hireling

W  MonstersBusy

W  SnowAngel

W  Tequilabird


Blue cards:


U  FloatNose

U  InsSalesman

U  Mate

U  Out2Lunch

U  TempoAmn

U  Tuba

U  WandMonster


Black cards:


B  Baby

B  DyingCurse

B  GelOcto

B  Ghoulfiends

B  Necrophobia

B  WannaVamp

B  WheeloMisf


Red cards:


R  3872Orcs

R  FriendPotion

R  IncTax

R  LGoblin

R  MMissile

R  PlatDragon

R  Snails


Green cards:


G  BarrelOMonkeys

G  Bigfoot

G  FindMap

G  HippoG

G  Humongous

G  PPlant

G  TOCurse


Artifacts and colorless:



Art  DuckODoom

Art  Gazebo

Art  HBackpack

Art  InstWall

Art  Chainsaw

Art  CloakObscure

Art  FastBoots

Art  RatOnStick


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