Battlebond: New dual lands!


Wizards just spoiled the cycle of dual lands that are going to be printed in upcoming set Battlebond, and they are sweet! Let’s take a look at them!

I have been playing Magic for a very, very long time now (since The Dark – nearly 24 years), and every so often, Wizards prints a set of dual lands that makes me really want to cheer for whoever designed them. An example of this was the cycle of shocklands from original Ravnica block ie. (Temple Garden); this was a cycle of duals that I thought were incredibly well-designed and one that would play very well (spoiler: they were on both counts).

Since then, Wizards has printed other cycles of dual lands that I have thought each time were excellent and innovative (the Shadowmoor/Eventide cycle of filter lands, ie. Mystic Gate; the M10/Innistrad cycle of check lands, ie. Glacial Fortress; and the lone bright point of Battle for Zendikar, the incomplete cycle of battle lands, ie. Prairie Stream).

Each of these cycles of dual lands felt very unique at the time, and played very well.

Today, Wizards gave us our first spoilers for the next ‘draft matters’ set, Battlebond, and it’s the sweet set of dual lands above. “Comes into play tapped unless you have 2+ opponents” is a great line of text; this is a drawback that ensures that Legacy/Cube/Vintage players will never want these (meaning the price will never skyrocket — always a concern for us EDH players), but these will always be excellent in EDH.

My major complaints with these were that they don’t have basic land types (this, to me, is a very minor complaint, since I don’t play fetch lands in EDH), and that there is no enemy cycle of these duals… yet. If they would just hurry up and print the entire ten land cycle, that would be fantastic. These are both very, very minor complaints though, proving that this is just an excellent cycle of lands.

I was already very much looking forward to Battlebond set to help build my Multiplayer Cube, and now I’m even more psyched for it (though I’m really not looking forward to just how many of these dual lands I’m going to want to pick up for EDH). If the rest of the set is as well-designed as this cycle, we’ll be in for a real treat in a month!


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