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A level 38 Sorcerer and avid gamer, Mark has been playing Magic the Gathering since the tail end of Revised (aka, a very long time – or almost as long as the dinosaurs have been extinct for).

He has been both a tournament player, winning tournaments and both qualifying for and competing in his country’s prestigious National Championships multiple times; and a casual player, builder of ridiculous theme decks and originator of silly formats.

Back in his day, every card was either over-costed by three or criminally under-costed to the point that you knew the card had never been seriously play-tested, creatures all had really awful drawbacks, and people still played Magic for ante.

Of the player psychographics, he has been a mix of Timmy, Johnny, and Spike. Mark blends Timmy’s love of big stupid spells with Johnny’s love of silly combos and Spike’s love of winning.

Recently, though his love of competitive Magic the Gathering remains strong, Mark has stepped away from the tournament scene to play more casual. He picked up EDH as a fun deck-building exercise years ago, and has been addicted ever since.

If nothing else, with the MTGeezer website, Mark hopes to share his wisdom (which is dubious at best) and experiences gained after many, many years of flopping cards. Hopefully you will be entertained by his acerbic wit and crotchety temper; if not, get off his lawn!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I liked how you tuned the THS Hydra deck and the BNG Minotaur Horde deck to be more powerful. Could you do something similar for the JOU Reveler deck as well?


    • I have redone Xenagos’s deck as well, and an article was planned for JOU’s Game Day, but I just haven’t had time to finish it. I’ll put it up asap!

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