A Deck for a Friend: Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons


Over the last few years, I’ve built several EDH decks to give away as Christmas gifts to various friends and family. I enjoy building decks and giving them away, so this is always a useful thing to do for my friends. This year, once again one of my major gameplans was to once again build several Christmas EDH decks for people.

Today, we’ll be going over one of these gift decks for our friend Brianna: the unusual -1/-1 counter-loving Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, from Amonkhet!

Let’s jump in and see the gift deck I’d put together for Brianna this year!
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The Ixalan Transform cards in EDH


The last year or so has been a pretty good time to be playing EDH. Lots of new cards tailored for our format, from giant monsters, to big silly spells, and everything in between.

Ixalan has been released, and with it, we now have lots more Merfolk, Dinosaurs, Pirates, and Vampires, but also we have a new ten-card cycle of rare transform cards, each of which is a fantastic EDH card.

It’s been a long time since a set came along where I wanted to use every card in a cycle in my EDH decks, so today we’ll be going over each of these cards.

Let’s take a look!
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Rebuilding Captain Sisay after Ixalan


When last my baby brother was in town a few years back, he’d given me an Invasion copy of legend Captain Sisay as a gift, as he knew that I’d been looking to build an EDH deck around her for a long time and couldn’t find a copy. I had since built the good Captain for EDH, and it was a lot of fun to play, with lots of wacky cards to Tutor for.

Now, with Ixalan, the time has come to revisit the deck, as Ixalan’s planeswalker change (planeswalkers are all now legendary) gives Sisay even more things to Tutor up.

Which planeswalkers should I add? What do I cut? And is there anything else I should be adding in to the deck? That’s what we’ll be taking a look at today!
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The EDH Battle Royale VI!



Coming from a MTG tournament player’s background, I’ve always had a spot in my heart for tournaments. I love the excitement of doing well and the thrill of competition, and it’s always been a blast to compete. Hence, every year, my little EDH playgroup has hosted a massive EDH tournament between our decks, to crown a champion. This tournament is called The EDH Battle Royale, and this year will mark the sixth time we have done this.

And of course, it is time for us to begin our war once again! The competition has been changed this year, but the spirit of the competition has not.

It’s time for The EDH Battle Royale VI!
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The Tribal Throwdown Results!


It’s no secret, I’ve always liked Magic tournaments. The thrill of doing well is a natural high, and it’s always fun to see who can do the best.

Well, over the summer, we ran our first-ever Tribal Throwdown tourney, where we smashed the various tribes of MTG (Zombies, Elves, Merfolk, etc) against each other to find out who is the strongest tribe, and which tribe would come out on top as our champion.

This is going to be a quick recap article, and I’m going to highlight just which tribe ended up being the best. Let’s go!
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Changing Vial Smasher/Kydele to something new


Welcome to another edition of the article series where I go over changes to my different EDH decks in detail (and where I trash them and rebuild them into something better).

There have been a number of my decks over the last year that have been on the chopping block after disappointing performances and poor games, and many have been culled or changed. Much as I have done before, I rebuilt decks that just aren’t working; this may involve either changing some cards around deck to deck, changing who the general of the deck is, or completely overhauling the entire deck.

Now, with Ixalan released, I’ve been going over each set of changes and additions to my EDH decks, and man, have there ever a lot of them!

Today, we’ll be looking at my four-color RUBG deck, which was co-helmed by partners Vial Smasher the Fierce and Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix, as I swap out Kydele for Trasios, Triton Hero, completely changing the deck’s focus.

What will this change look like? Let’s take a look!
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