Single Card Discussion: Scavenger Grounds


Hello and welcome back to the Single Card Discussion series! After my pieces on Amonkhet’s Mouth // Feed and Commander gem Ezuri’s Predation, it’s time to take a look at yet another multiplayer gem that I feel has been sadly overlooked.

Today’s card is one that I’ve thought was highly useful since it was first spoiled, and though it does see play, I’m shocked that more players haven’t looked at it for EDH. Today’s card is the Hour of Devastation land, Scavenger Grounds.

Let’s take a deeper look at this innocuous but useful Desert!
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Back in Business!


It’s been a few months, but MTGeezer is back up and running!

What a summer. I’ve had lots of ups and downs, where I finally met my in-laws (finally, after eight years), saw my baby sister get married, got to game with my baby brother for the first time in years, and a lot more. It was a crazy whirlwind of events, and I’m still recovering from all the running around I’ve been doing.

I’ve picked an excellent time to come back to Magic, from the looks of it. Commander 2017 was a very fun set of precons, and I had picked up the Vampire, Wizard and Dragon decks to game with. I was happy to see that the Ixalan leaks were real (it meant that a lot of fun-looking cards turned out to be real), and judging by the rest of the spoilers so far, it looks like a fantastic set. I’m quite hyped for it.

What you’ll see going forward: I’ll go over the Tribal Throwdown and who won, as we finished that tourney over the summer. I’m going to take a look at Ixalan and my favorite spoiled cards from it and where they fit in EDH. And I’ll be rebuilding several decks that just aren’t performing well enough to suit me (namely my R/W, W/U/G, R/U/G/B, tribal Dragons, tribal Vampires, tribal Spirits, and a few others). If I can get the program working on my computer again, I’m going to try a return to Shandalar this year.

That’s a pretty good start, I think.

MTGeezer is back in business, and Ixalan is a great place to get started again!