The EDH Battle Royale II: The first two quarterfinals



A month and a half ago, I started a large-scale EDH tournament to see which deck was the best in a series of four player games. I envisioned this year’s EDH Battle Royale as being the biggest yet, certainly bigger than last year, with a whopping 64 decks competing (many put together just for this event). Six thousand plus cards and many hours later, we have our top 16 set and ready to go, and we know who will be facing who in a bid for the gold.


It’s been a long, hard road to get to the top 16 for each of these decks, but the prize is in sight: the EDH Battle Royale II championship. Who will be our first deck to win a quarterfinal matchup, and move on to the final four?


Our first batch of competitors today are:


Quarterfinal match 1: Bruna, Light of Alabaster vs. Saffi Eriksdotter vs. Skullbriar, the Walking Grave vs. Sedris, the Traitor King


This is going to be quite the fight. Sedris is our defending champion from last year, running a powerful Grixis control deck, and Saffi is one of last year’s finalists, with a strong G/W aggro deck. Meanwhile, Bruna is rocking one of the strongest combo-control decks in the entire tourney, built to kill with a stack of Auras suiting up Bruna for lethal general damage, and Skullbriar can kill with general damage himself very quickly. This matchup really is a tossup, with four strong contenders.


Who will win here, in a tough matchup, and be the first to move on to our final four? It’s time to find out!
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What would I do with the EDH banned list?



With the recent banning of Sylvan Primordial in EDH, there’s been a lot of talk about whether or not any other cards should eventually join him. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of cards currently legal in EDH that are both very, very powerful and can win games all by themselves. This led to an interesting thought excercise: what would I ban, if I was given control of the EDH banned list?


The answer may surprise you.
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Interlude: Playing some Legacy



The EDH Battle Royale II top 16 is set, and while waiting for the quarterfinals to start, I’ve had the rare occasion to play some Legacy, one of the finest formats in MtG, at the local comic shops. This was pretty exciting for me, since I only rarely get to play Legacy, and I love the old classic cards. This will be a brief report on how the games went.


It’s time for some awesome old cards!
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The EDH Battle Royale II: Match 16, the final prelim



After a long, grueling event thus far, we were finally down to this. The last preliminary matchup. This match would determine the final member of our top 16 competitors, and the last deck that would move on to the quarterfinals.


Our last preliminary match was:


Match 16: Ezuri, Renegade Leader vs. Halfdane vs. Tariel, Reckoner of Souls vs. Cromat


Who will move on, and become our last quarterfinalist?
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The EDH Battle Royale II: Match 14 and 15


The EDH Battle Royale II is winding down, and we have not one, but two matches for you today, as we count down to the top 16 decks. Last time, the mighty cascade machine Maelstrom Wanderer had pulled off a miracle, using massive Bonfire of the Damneds to oust his opponents. Who would be our next quarterfinalists today?


Our first match today is:


Match 14: Marrow-Gnawer vs. Volrath the Fallen vs. Arcanis, the Omnipotent vs. Wort, the Raidmother


In a matchup where Wort is the heavy favorite, who will win and advance to the quarterfinals to face Maelstrom Wanderer? It’s time to find out!
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Massive EDH Deck Update for the New Year!



Last year I sat down and updated all of my decks right around this time, in a gigantic update that included every change that I’d made to all of my EDH decks since Gatecrash. There were several sweeping changes to my decks after Gatecrash (which is understandable, since a Simic/Gruul based set would of course impact any of my decks with those color combinations in a big way).


I started another blog post like this during November, right after Theros brought another massive bout of changes to all of my Commander decks. This post has been put aside until now, when I finally have had the time to finish it. Since then, the Commander 2013 product was also released, giving my decks even more changes. I decided that today I’d go over the massive amount of changes, since I’ll be updating all the decks this Friday, once Born of the Gods is officially released.


(It’s worth noting that many of these decks either hadn’t been added to the database yet, or just haven’t been updated since this time last year, making this a long-overdue update.)


So, what cards have I added to all my decks? Well, I’m glad you asked…
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