The BOO Draft — My Set, Part III


Last week, I went over our upcoming BOO Draft (Build Our Own Draft) that my playgroup will be setting up soon, and I’d also laid out in detail the 45 cards that I would be submitting for my set, which was all about cards that give you choices. There were 5 cards that I had set aside last week to edit, since I was unsure if I liked them or not; I eventually edited them into something closer to what I wanted for my set.


Today, I’ll be going over those 5 cards, as well as some preview cards from each other player’s set of 45. Let’s go!
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The BOO Draft — My Set, Part II


On Monday, I’d gone over some of my cards for The BOO Draft, a draft where each player would be creating 45 unique cards for our playgroup to booster draft with. My cards received a mostly positive reaction, with a few exceptions, which I did edit. I’ll be going over those edits today.


What did I edit? Well, I’m glad you asked!
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The BOO Draft – Introduction, and Designing My Set


Years ago, I’d read an article on by Noah Weil about a “BOO Draft,” otherwise known as a “Build Our Own” Draft. The idea was to get 8 creative people to each create 45 Magic cards of their very own (or three packs’ worth of Magic cards), and do a booster draft with these cards. This idea sounded like a ton of fun, and it’s an idea that I’ve always had stored away in the back of my head for something to do.


While we were waiting to do the Mono-Blue Challenge, this seemed like a pretty good idea to dust off and try out. Today, I’ll be going over my thought process in putting together my set of 45 cards for The BOO Draft. Let’s go!
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Random Friday: Rebuilding Boros, again


As one of my New Year’s resolutions, I resolved to replace any of my EDH decks that I was not happy with, or decks that did not play well, or decks that, plain and simple, no one liked to play or play against. I started culling my decks with the reconstruction of my Necra deck; I retooled it into two possibilities, Doran, the Siege Tower or Karador, Ghost Chieftain. You can read about my thought process behind the change here.


I’ve been very happy with the Doran deck; it is just the right amount of aggressiveness and silly cards that I like to play.


Now, it is time to change things up again!
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Predictions: Modern Masters


Next month, Modern Masters, a set designed to increase the supply of several hard-to-find or pricey Modern staples, will be released. Very few preview cards have thus far been released, with only Tarmogoyf at mythic rare, and AEther Spellbomb at common thus far being confirmed.


With that in mind, I figured I’d throw my opinions out there. This article will be my predictions for what will be in Modern Masters. Let’s go!
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Mono-Black Challenge: The Games


To read about the Mono-Black Challenge, click here.
To read about each of our 8 competitors and their decklists, click here.


Two weekends ago, the stage was set and all the players were gathered for a historic event — the Mono-Black EDH Challenge, where over the course of two preliminary qualifying games and one action-packed finals game, we would crown one of our 8 players as the undisputed king of evil — the Mono-Black champion.


It is time to reveal to the world how the games went. Who would be our final victor? The answer may surprise you.
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