Dragon’s Maze: First Impressions, Part Three


To read Part One, click here. To read Part Two, click here.


The full spoiler for the latest set, Dragon’s Maze is finally up, so it’s time to take a look at the rest of the set with an eye for EDH gems. RTR and Gatecrash have both come and gone, and each set was awesome for my EDH decks (with Gatecrash breathing new life into several decks, such as Stonebrow). Now, with the full spoiler, we could finally answer the question: would this new set be as impactful as the last two for EDH?


The answer may surprise you.
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Dragon’s Maze: First Impressions, Part Two


In part one, I looked at all the cards from the newest Magic set, Dragon’s Maze that I found interesting for EDH (that had been spoiled as of last week), here. At the time I write this, we are 110/166 cards deep in Dragon’s Maze spoilers, and there have been some interesting cards spoiled since last week.


So, let’s take a look at them!
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Mono-Black Challenge: The Challenge

Grave Betrayal

This article was printed back in December, but I thought it was worth a second look, since the Mono-Black Challenge is finally happening this weekend (after months of delays), and I’ll be covering it next week.


Last year in December, I came up with the idea of mono-colored EDH challenges for my playgroup, as a way to encourage creativity. I have always enjoyed different, creative deckbuilding, especially with fun restrictions, so these challenges have always been a lot of fun. The first such challenge was the Mono-White Challenge, and though I did not write about that, the decklist I used can be found here.


Now, as our first event of the new year, we were gearing up to play the most evil of the challenge formats… the Mono-Black Challenge!
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Richard Garfield, Ph.D.: Introduction


Near the tail end of December, I went over the EDH deck that I’d built this year as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend Angela — the mighty 5-color planeswalker deck Progenitus, which you can read about here and here. Building EDH decks as gifts for one another is something that we’ve enjoyed for the past two years now (last year, she’d built Stonebrow, Krosan Hero for me, and I’d built Volrath the Fallen for her).


It has come to my attention that I’ve never written about the deck that she built for me this year. This is a shame, since it is a deck full of subtle brilliance and fun; a deck built to break the rules of Magic themselves — a deck built around the game’s creator, the mighty Richard Garfield, Ph.D..


It is time to write about that deck.
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