Progenitus: Breakdown

To read the introduction to the 5-color Progenitus‘s planeswalkers deck, click here.


On Wednesday, we went over the introduction to the 5-color pile of planeswalkers, the Progenitus deck that I’d built for my girlfriend Angela. In the introduction, I went over the philosophy behind the deck, what goals I was trying to meet, and exactly what I was trying to accomplish with the deck.


Today, we’ll be going over the card choices that are in here in more detail. Let’s go!
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Progenitus: Introduction

Last year, one of the things I wanted to get for Christmas was an EDH deck, custom-built by my girlfriend Angela. She did deliver, with an EDH deck built around the king of trample himself, Stonebrow, Krosan Hero. This deck was an exciting midrange R/G aggro deck, with lots of big trampling creatures and one of my favorite cards of all time, Camouflage. In exchange, I had built an EDH deck for her as well, a mono-black deck built around the obscure Volrath the Fallen, with a focus on killing opponents with 21 general damage, and an emphasis on being a deck where ‘big creatures matter.’


This particular gift exchange was a lot of fun (and to date, Volrath remains one of my favorite decks that I’ve built (since it’s both a lot of fun to play, and I felt its theme came together really well). We both liked how personal the gift was (we each tried to include lots of cards the other would like), and enjoyed brainstorming and building the decks themselves.


And now, it was time to do it again!
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My EDH decks: Some statistics

Azami, Lady of Scrolls

Today, I decided to do something random, and I figured I would go through my decks looking for common themes and post some statistics about my decks (most common cards, etc). This obviously is not something I’ll be doing a lot, but it was something interesting to look at.


The main questions that led me to this were “I wonder what the most common non-land card in my EDH decks is?” and “I wonder what the ratio of basic vs. nonbasic lands is in my EDH decks?”


Without further ado, here are the stats:
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Playing Wort, the Raidmother in an EDH tourney

In part one, which you can view here, I went over how I would change my Wort, the Raidmother deck to compete in a local EDH tournament that was held this past Sunday.


Today, I’ll be going over the changes I did make for the tournament itself, how the deck did, and a mini-tournament report. Here we go!
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Rebuilding Wort, the Raidmother for an EDH tourney

With an upcoming EDH tournament coming up, I was looking at retooling Wort, the Raidmother to defeat all comers. This was my goal today; to try to rebuild the deck to survive and win a large EDH event, without making the deck unfun to play and play against.


So, how would I rebuild Wort to make it more resiliant and effective against multiple people? Well, I’m glad you asked…
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Casual Tribal Decks II: R/G Shamans and U/W Humans

As I’d mentioned in Casual Tribal Decks II: the Introduction, I was planning this year to send my brother some more casual MtG decks for Christmas. While this idea was mostly changed by his asking me to build him an EDH deck instead (which I document here), I did still build him two casual tribal decks.


This article will show you the two tribal decks I built for him to go with budget Mayael – R/G Shamans and U/W Humans. Here we go!
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The EDH Battle Royale – The Last Quarterfinal Match

Hello, and welcome once again to The EDH Battle Royale! We are nearing the end now, with today’s match being the last of the quarterfinal matches, leading to one final game for all the glory! In last week’s matchup, Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger overpowered Adun Oakenshield and Bosh, Iron Golem to move on to the final match against Saffi Eriksdotter and Maga, Traitor to Mortals!


Today, we will be going over the last of the quarterfinal matches, to see who will move on to the finals to join the other victors. Our matchup today is an interesting one:


Quarterfinal Match 4: Kaalia of the Vast vs. Krenko, Mob Boss vs. Sedris, the Traitor King


Which deck will be our fourth and final winner, advancing to the finals? Let’s find out!
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