The EDH Battle Royale – Match 3

To read the introduction to The EDH Battle Royale, click here.

To read about the first two matches and who has won so far, click here.


Last Monday, I had laid out my master plan: to play through a swiss-style tournament of EDH decks, to crown one deck as the ultimate victor. Today, I’ll be going over the match from the third bracket. Here we go!
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Building Casual Tribal Decks II: Introduction

Back in May, my baby brother Joel had decided to get back into Magic, and at that time, had asked me to send him two decks as a present for his birthday: an Angel deck and a Vampire deck. Building casual MtG decks (not for EDH) is not something I normally do any more, or have done in years, so I eagerly took this as a deckbuilding challenge. I proceeded to build him 9 different casual tribal decks (which you can read about here).


And now, I was looking to build him some more.
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The EDH Battle Royale!

Return to Ravnica has come and gone, and all of my decks have been updated with shiny and awesome new cards. Champs has come and gone, ushering in a new Standard format; I was crushed in my bid at Champs, after a disappointing 0-3 drop. I played Rakdos aggro, and my deck only ever wanted to play in game two, getting crushed games one and three.


All in all, this is an excellent time to be playing Magic, with lots of fun new cards and an interesting Standard format.
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Casual RTR Guild Decks

So, the RTR prerelease has come and gone, and everyone is busy building decks with the new cards. I am no exception; I have been busy working RTR cards into my EDH decks, and brainstorming Standard decks for the upcoming Champs this coming Saturday.


In the lull between the RTR release and the frenzy of Standard testing that I will be doing this week for Champs, I was given a challenge by my girlfriend Angela: to take only the RTR cards that we’d opened, and build a casual deck for each guild to play some Planechase games with. I will be going over these decks today.

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Return to Ravnica Prerelease: Part 3, The Second Flight

Last Friday, I had gone over my introduction to the RTR prerelease and my expectations going in here.


Then, Monday I went over my first prerelease flight, here.

Today, I’ll be going over my second and final flight of the RTR prerelease, how I did, and my final thoughts on the set. Let’s go!

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Return to Ravnica Prerelease: Part 2, The First Flight

As I’d mentioned on Friday, I was going to be playing in two Return to Ravnica prereleases at a local store this past weekend. I was pumped for this event, and by Saturday was at the store, just chomping at the bit to game with the new cards.


What follows will be a brief recounting of my prerelease. How did I do? You’ll soon see…
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