Choosing My Bant Deck: Random Friday Deck (Part 2: The Decks)

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On Monday, I started thinking about building a Bant deck (U/W/G), since we don’t have one in the EDH Project yet. As with Rakdos, the plan was to try a few different generals and see which ones I liked, and hopefully come up with a deck I’d want to keep. Today, I will show you the first two decks I came up with (the lovely Angela is going to be building Jenara, Asura of War and we will highlight that deck on Friday).

As with the Rakdos deck, please remember that these are decks for testing purposes, and as such, there are some sketchy cards.

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Choosing My Bant Deck: Random Friday Deck (Part 1: Introduction)

Much like the Random Friday where I built several Rakdos decks to fill that particular hole in the EDH Project, for this edition of Random Friday, I decided to build some decks around one of the other missing color combinations: Bant. Bant has a number of unique challenges associated with it that are much different than Rakdos.


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Blast from the Past: M10

For today, the lovely Angela gave me an interesting thought exercise. I have lived through 18 of the 19 years of Magic, and as such I have seen a lot of good sets come and go. Ang’s thought exercise for me was to choose a random older MtG set and expound upon it – what I liked, what I didn’t, and my favorite and least favorite cards from that set looking back.


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Predictions: Commander’s Arsenal

In November, Wizards of the Coast is replacing their Premium Deck series with annual EDH offerings. I am honestly not surprised to see them bring out more Commander product; in my area and many others, the Commander decks sold very well last year and were a huge hit for Wizards. Thus, it only makes sense that they would eventually follow it up with more offerings. The odd thing is that it took them so long to do it. (Hopefully, this means that we’ll eventually get a U/R/W general that is both good and fun to play, unlike the three that we have now. But I digress.)


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Krenko, Mob Boss: Breakdown

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On Friday, I had expounded upon and extolled the virtues of the latest EDH deck I’d built that I’m having a blast with: tribal Goblins, with Krenko, Mob Boss at the helm. Today, I will be going over the card choices in more detail – what cards made it into the deck, which cards were cut, and how they’ve been working so far.


Without any further ado, let’s get down to it!


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Krenko, Mob Boss: Introduction

One of the most exciting cards to me in M13 was Krenko, Mob Boss – finally, a legendary Goblin worth building around! Goblins is a tribe very near and dear to my heart; having played Goblin decks in Vintage, Legacy, old Extended, Standard, and even casual, the green-skinned tribe has long been a favorite of mine. For the Mono-Red Challenge, I had originally looked at building a Goblin deck around Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician (who is not the best general), but I just wanted to play a goblin deck in EDH.


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Kaalia of the Vast: Introduction

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Hello friends! It’s time again for another primer, this time focusing on one of the most aggressive decks that I have built for EDH, Kaalia of the Vast.


The W/B/R color combination has very few generals for EDH… namely, just Oros, the Avenger, Tariel, Reckoner of Souls, and Kaalia of the Vast. Coincidentally enough, when Kaalia was released, I was in the process of brainstorming a B/W Angel tribal deck for Angela – the general would have been Selenia, Dark Angel. Kaalia was quickly added in as general, some Demons and Dragons were thrown in to complement the Angels, and the rest was history.

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Choosing My Rakdos Deck: Random Friday Deck (Part 2: The Decks)

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Last week, I decided that it was time to start trying to decide on what the Rakdos (R/B) deck would be for the EDH project, and built some decks to test. The plan was to eventually find one I liked, and narrow down what I wanted the Rakdos deck to be. Today, I will show you the decks that Angela and I came up with on our first pass.

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